Seven Things to Fix Before Moving in An Old Apartment


Moving to a new place is a dream for many working individuals. It accounts for a new beginning of your life, giving you the opportunity for better experiences. However, every process comes with its share of demerits and bothersome bits. If you are moving into an old apartment, chances are you’ll run into numerous problems. Therefore, to make things easier for you, the following are some points to look into before packing your bags and moving in.


Whether you’re moving in as a tenant or owner, the former owners are likely to leave behind their belongings. And while the abandoned items may seem compelling to keep, the wise decision would be to focus on your stuff instead. The noble means for dealing with such problems is to store the items elsewhere and contact the former residents. Provide them a month’s deadline to claim their possessions. If they fail to reclaim the items, you can either use it, trash it, or sell it off. Nevertheless, our advice would be to avoid using such articles.


Compromising the safety of your family is out of the question. Hence, several steps are worth considering before moving into your new but old apartment. It is highly likely that the former residents took the necessary precautions during their stay. Thus, you are only with the task of checking if the devices are working. These devices can include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water sprinklers, and registers for asbestos removal from the house.

Asbestos is a mineral with impressive material strengthening and heat insulation capabilities. Though the material got widely used, people began to suffer from various breathing issues, including lung cancer. Hence, the authorities banned any substance with over 1% of asbestos in the 1980s. Considering your move to an old apartment, you may want to check the material used in its construction.


Landlords offer to provide a neat and clean apartment before you move in. However, for your reassurance, cleaning up the apartment once more will only benefit you. You never know when was the last time the house got cleaned or appropriately cleaned enough. Furthermore, this also allows you to spot any problems and defects that may change your mind. Instead of moving in right away, cleaning can be an excellent way of inspecting the house thoroughly.

Additionally, cleaning required needs to make the apartment free of germs and microbes. Doing so is imperative for owners with young children, ensuring their health and well-being. While the living room and kitchen matter the most, a bathroom’s cleanliness is vital for suppressing bacteria’s spread.


At first glance, beautification may not seem like a means for fixing your apartment. However, that is not entirely the case. When enhancing the look of your interior, you will be aiming for the most minor of details. The act of bringing out your furniture and organizing it will not satisfy your urge for an attractive apartment. Therefore, before hanging your picture frames, you may want to splash a new coat of paint and perhaps cover any cracks and holes. Many owners are guilty of the nonsensical purchasing of items that may not be of much use.

Undoubtedly, a stunning interior requires classy furniture and accessories. But it also means that you must organize everything accordingly. Failing to do so will inevitably backfire in beautifying the apartment.


As crime and theft continue to rise, instead of relying on the authorities entirely, it is vital to practice caution yourself. Security and CCTV camera systems are crucial in this day and age. However, if you lack the budget for such measures, you can do a few other steps for a smaller price. The rule of thumb dictates to have the door locks changed when moving to a new house. Doing so prevents the likelihood of anyone else having access to your apartment. Real estate agents and former owners may not be the culprits, but misplacing your house’s keys can have drastic outcomes.

Similarly, we advise you to inspect the apartment, especially the doors and windows, properly. If any door or window is damaged, you must report back to the landlord and demand repairs.


Moving to a new place never comes without its share of maintenance issues. Old houses and apartments, in particular, require an extensive amount of repairs before you can move in. These repairs can range from small features such as replacing a few lights to completely refurbishing the interior. Depending on your set of problems, we suggest addressing the concerns before packing your bags. Nevertheless, experts recommend prioritizing your sanitary and electrical issues. A small leakage of water can compromise the look and durability of the apartment. Similarly, gas leaks require constant monitoring for the first few months.

Some relevant factors include a paint job of the entire apartment while changing the flooring. While repainting the walls is doable after the move, both these aspects get best done before settling in.


An indirect measure for the functionality of your utility supplies is to get in touch with the companies. These companies are responsible for providing the essentials — water, electricity, gas, and internet. Contacting them and availing yourself of their services will enable you to move in without worrying about anything seamlessly. When setting up the utilities, they are likely to help you determine the problems you may face.

Admittedly, none of us want a dark and grimy welcome to a new home. Hence, it may not copiously fall under the tab of fixes, but it is an essential part of every house/apartment. Another merit of this preemptive act will allow you to evaluate the availability of these services. While most companies promise to deliver, bad luck tends to affect the best of us.


Moving to a new apartment is not an easy task. Most, if not all owners, consider the transition process tedious and monotonous. However, if tread with a plan, you are likely to diminish the job’s dull nature. Getting to the new house is one thing, but staying there is another. Therefore, to ensure a pleasant welcome to your new home, you must plan your repairs and other measures accordingly. The inability to do so will inevitably result in numerous problems in the future.