What Is Picket Railing?


Railings come in numerous styles and designs and perform a variety of pertinent functions. One specific category of these items is known as picket railings. The ensuring blog discusses pertinent issues surrounding these products.


Picket deck railing is unique from other fence or railing structures in that they are comprised of gapped planks instead of large solid structures with no openings.

Materials Used To Construct Picket Railings

Picket railings can be built from a variety of different products. Amongst the more common materials include:


Railings are often comprised of strong and durable materials like aluminum. Metal products are typically available in a wide array of designs and colour schemes. Aluminum is considered relatively simple to clean and maintain. Moreover, its ruggedness renders it a particularly effective barrier.


Many home or building owners opt for vinyl products because said materials are usually durable, easy to maintain, and capable of adapting to any number of surrounding landscaping or architectural designs. Furthermore, many wood proponents often choose vinyl because the material is notorious for mimicking the look of the product without incurring the expense or maintenance burdens.


Several different types of wood are often employed to construct fences or railings, especially cedar, spruce, redwood and cypress. Moreover, wood can be specially carved to create any number of designs and appearances.

Though some would argue wood yields the most optimal visual quality, the material is one of the more pricey choices and requires a significant degree of maintenance. Actions like painting and finishing must be performed periodically. Furthermore, wood is susceptible to water damage, which could ultimately result in expensive repairs, insect infestations, and the emergence of potential health-damaging substances like mildew and mould.

Wood deck with railing and wooden fence in the background.

Benefits Of Picket Railing

Picket deck railing can yield property owners a number of benefits such as:

A More Manageable Installation Process

Construction industry professionals opine that picket railings are typically easier to install than other types of enclosures because the assembly process often requires less labour and time.

Reduced Costs

Final costs often hinge on numerous factors such as the size property or construction to be enclosed, the railing’s intended size, the materials employed to build it, and the style chosen for its design. That said, fencing and construction professionals believe reduced labour costs and the limited time investment usually results in a less expensive project than those undertaken to install other types of property barriers.

Protection Without Intimidation

Picket railings provide a significant degree of protection in terms of deterring potential malfeasant actions and safeguarding children and pets. That said, the appearance of said barriers do not like intimidating or uninviting.

A Nostalgic Look

Picket protectors often offer a homey, rustic look seen in earlier times. Many people know of the many positive connotations associated with the proverbial white picket fence.

Properties or other constructions with said features often enjoy improved curb appeal, which is a real estate principle dictating that people develop positive or negative opinions about a specific residence or building when viewing them from afar. Picket railings typically yield favourable thoughts.

Increased Property Value

With enhanced curb appeal often comes increased property value. Additionally, many real estate professionals or property value experts consider durable, stylish and easy to maintain features like picket railings viable components. Such discernible extras also often yield a precipitous uptick in a residence’s or building’s potential resale value.


In many instances, picket railings are comprised of materials built to last and remain in optimal condition. Even wood that is properly treated and maintained can continue to offer pleasing aesthetics and high-quality protection for many years.

Final Thoughts

Though considered easy to install, such projects should be undertaken by experienced and skilled industry professionals. Additionally, said subjects could help prospective customers make the proper assessments and choose the right materials and iron out any other important issues.