Common Appliance Repairs & How to Troubleshoot Them


Your appliance isn’t working as it should. Of course, this is the last thing you want.

A broken appliance always comes right at the wrong time. Yet, before you get onto the phone to a professional, did you know that some problems can be troubleshooted? In some cases, you could fix it yourself in a matter of minutes. So, take a look and read on below to see some of the most common appliance repairs and how to troubleshoot them, from our appliance repairs.

Your Washing Machine is Smelly

If you have noticed a bad odour coming from your washing machine, sometimes it can feel as though that there’s no use in using it at all! To make sure that your clothes are clean and fresh, run an empty hot cycle with two cups of white vinegar and half a cup of baking soda inside, to remove the smell. Typically this problem will occur in front-loading washers, so once you have fixed the initial problem, make sure to leave the door open between washes, so the inside can dry properly.

Your Refrigerator Just Isn’t Working as it Should

If your refrigerator seems to be semi-cool, it’s never a good sign! Not only will your drinks be less refreshing, but some of your food could also be on the verge of spoiling.

More often than not, your refrigerator will just need a deep clean, most specifically, the coils on the back will need cleaning, as opposed to being repaired.

All you’ll need to do is unplug the appliance, pull it out from the wall and give the coils a thorough vacuuming.

However, if you do not see an immediate improvement in the cooling, now is the time to reach out to a professional, such as Joe Graham Appliance Repairs, experts in repairs and providing Hotpoint Parts Luton.

Igniter Clicks on Your Gas Stove

If the igniter on your gas stove is simply clicking and clicking without ever lighting, make sure to check whether your burner cap is both in place and properly aligned. This is a problem you may experience if you have had a recent boil over or spill whilst cooking.

Otherwise, this can also be due to a dirty igniter. To clean this, remove the burner cap and make sure to pick debris away from the grooves.

If this doesn’t solve the issue, it’s important to highlight that you shouldn’t take any of the stove apart further, unless you have proper training. Make sure to call in a professional to investigate and ensure the appliance is completely safe and working as it should.

Your Washing Machine is Wobbling

If your washing machine has started to wobble slightly, the racket it makes can definitely be startling! However, it’s the last thing you want when it is constantly on, washing a family’s worth of clothes!

If it has suddenly started banging around, this could mean that it is out of plumb. To fix this, rotate the legs of the machine to either lift or lower each corner until it is straight.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, this could mean that the washer is off balance. Open the lid and rearrange the clothes to make them more evenly dispersed throughout the drum. Doing this will also help your washer not have to work as hard when washing your clothes.

If this hasn’t helped, don’t ignore the problem! Now is time to call in a professional, as you may have a loose drum or motor mount, which is easy enough for a professional to fix. Continuing to run your washer could cause further damage to the part and other components and lead to a much more costly repair later down the line!

Don’t Forget to Call For Help If You Need it!

We hope that our above tips have helped many of you to fix those little problems you’ve been experiencing with your home appliances and get on with normal routines once more. However, if you find that your appliance is still running as it was, make sure to act now! Don’t leave it and find yourself running into bigger, more expensive problems later down the road! After all, the last thing you want is to replace a whole appliance!