5 Elements You Need to Consider When Choosing Furniture for Your Home

Plant on table and lamp in warm living room with yellow curtains, posters and pillows on sofa

Singapore is a wealthy country within the regions of SouthEast Asia. It has a thriving financial status and is considered one of the economic tigers in Asia.

Famous for its iconic attraction Gardens by the Bay, the country is a flourishing place of diverse culture, rich entertainment, and nightlife, and is one of the notable destinations for most tourists. Aside from its economic status and tourist spots, Singapore is famous for the land of shopping malls.

So, when you look for furniture in Singapore, you will indeed get directed to many physical stores and online shops where you can choose your next furniture. Because you have so many stores to choose from, look at these five elements to select only the best.

1. Lines

The lines of furniture establish the harmony or unity of the piece and your home. It also shows what you want to express with the fixtures you just bought. According to interior designers, horizontal lines represent safe and secure feelings.

Vertical lines, on the other hand, suggest that you want freedom. If you wish to have angular lines or dynamic lines, this screams drama because you want to catch people’s attention when they walk into the room and see this furniture.

2. Space 

This element is essential because you either have space or you do not. So, if you look for furniture in Singapore, go for a store that can offer you big and small pieces, depending on the availability of space in your home, and can help you make use of your space creatively and efficiently.

3. Texture 

Texture pertains to how the surface of furniture looks and feels. It must be in harmony with the other elements because texture gives more depth to the space where it has been placed. Texture also catches a person’s attention, so it is best to choose a piece with an inviting feeling.

4. color

This element is also essential because it could make or break the overall look you are going for. If you have other furniture with neutral colors, go for something with the same color palette or pop of color to bring life to your space.

You have to remember that colors convey feelings. If you want people to feel welcome, choose bright colors or pastel tones. If you want the room to have a somber feel, go for neutral colors. Blues and greys make a person feel calm and serene. You have to understand this because it is an element that makes your home feel aesthetically pleasing and helps set the mood.

5. Form

Form creates the mood in a room, like colors. It also brings harmony. That is why if you use different forms and shapes in one room, it could be overwhelming.

It could even feel unbalanced, and you do not want that. Remember that rectangles can create a good flow for a room. Circles, on the other hand, make a room look softer or cozier. Triangles make the room feel more stable.

Furniture is vital to bring together the overall feel of a room you want to portray. It helps you pave the path you want to take in the future if you’re going to add more furniture in a specific room.

Choosing furniture with the help of these elements can help you express your creativity and personality, so you should exert an effort in selecting these items.