Tips for Remodeling Bathrooms in SA


South Australia boasts of luxury and elegance. And, there is nothing as elegant as an exquisite bathroom. In this piece, I will be providing useful tips on how residents in south Australia can remodel their wash area.

Have you ever wandered into the bathroom of a luxurious suite? You feel comfortable and lively at the same time. Bathrooms are compact, making it easy to design and fit in fixtures that can complement the space.

You can check this webpage if you need creative ideas to remodel your wash area. The following tips will help you create your dream shower space.

Create a Budget

Remodeling your shower space is an opportunity for you to express yourself. It gives you an avenue to transform your home into a style suited for you. Remodeling can cost as much or as little as you let it, but costs can spiral without the right budget.

The right thing to do is find the costs of custom building and set a realistic budget for your project. Of course, it will be easier if you choose to work with a remodeling firm that provides fixed prices rather than estimates.

Bathroom renovations can quickly get expensive due to labor costs and materials. The best remodeling companies work with licensed and qualified professionals that provide the best works.

If your renovation plan involves high-end materials, then you’ll need to factor it into your budget. You can check with Gregory Built Bathrooms or similar companies for some of the best projects in South Australia.

There are other things you need to consider when planning your budget, such as:

  • The number of years you plan on occupying your home
  • The parts of the shower space that are important
  • The fixtures you plan on installing during remodeling
  • The amount you have at your disposal.

Know your Type of Bathroom

Bathrooms come in different specs. You most likely wouldn’t change the type of space you have since you are undergoing remodeling. However, it is always good to check out the various options before making your mind up.

An interior décor expert can enlighten you on the possibilities you might have missed. For instance, a cramped half bath could be remodeled into an elegant master suite only by making more room. Below are a few bathroom choices:

  • Standard Bathroom

Standard shower space is one that contains a shower, bath, toilet, and sink. Master suites have the same features but are accessed through the master bedroom.

Homeowners who are renovating and want to add a master suite go for a luxurious spa-like shower space. A perfectly designed master suite can serve as a place for rejuvenation.

  • Half Bath

Also called a powder room, it is a small area secluded for only a sink and a toilet. The powder room is mainly intended for guests because of its convenience.

The lovely thing about this area is that it doesn’t need a big footprint. They are installed in the tightest of spaces and are an excellent option for a home with many guests.

  • Wet Bathroom

A wet bathroom is a space where the shower isn’t behind a curtain or in a separate location. The damp shower space is entirely waterproof, including the floor, walls, and cabinets.

It has an elegant feel to it. It can appear sleek and exquisite without any doors to block the surrounding. A wet space is very safe because it is waterproofed. You don’t need to worry about water on the floors or walls.

It is also great because it makes resourceful use of space. A homeowner doing renovation or adding a bath space to their home might need square footage, but a wet space wouldn’t need all that much.

Know your Bathroom Layout

Once you’ve identified the type of shower space you want, you need to think about the layout. If you like the current position of your toilet, shower, tub, and sinks, then you keep the existing design.

Some layouts do not work at all. A designer can help find a design that works for you if you aren’t sure of a good one. They can help make the best use of your space, whether large or small, to suit your unique needs.

In general, the smaller the area, the fewer the layout options.

Consider Lightings

Nothing can complement a shower area better than proper lighting. Lighting is something that people overlook when designing their shower area. You can create a bathroom with natural lighting or an artificial one.

  • Natural Lightings

Natural lightings make the shower area feel brighter and better ventilated. Incorporating a few windows or a skylight into your design will offer a unique look. If your home design doesn’t allow for a traditional skylight, then you use a tubular skylight.

  • Artificial Lighting

It would help if you still had artificial lighting, no matter how good your natural lighting looks.

There are artificial lightings that can completely transform the look and style of a shower area. Led lights are always fancy and provide an exquisite look to a shower area. Still, remember to consider layers before you begin thinking of artificial lights. You can check this page for more on lighting options for indoors.

Add a Bit of Luxury

You wouldn’t think of remodeling your shower area if you aren’t considering adding luxury to it.

There are elegant fixtures you can incorporate into your Bathroom. These fixtures may be expensive but will provide you with the comfort and relaxation you need. Below are a few fixtures you can add to your space.

  • Heated Floor

Imagine stepping out of a tub or shower and landing on a warm floor. It is a little fixture that provides massive enjoyment. Heated floors are not only luxurious but also make economic sense.

  • Heated Tower Rails

Heated tower rails heat your towels so as when you get out of your shower, your towels provide warmth to your skin. It offers luxury as well as comfort.

  • Wall-Mounted Features

Wall-mounted fixtures always look exquisite. So, during your remodeling, it is best to install some of them.

Wall-mounted features include toilets, washbasins, and cabinets, and are mostly found in modern wash areas. It provides extra storage and a more spacious shower area. Again, it is a small fixture that can create massive luxury.

Final Note

I hope the tips mentioned above will assist you during your remodeling. But you don’t have to do it alone. Get in touch with a professional to help you get the best designs.