Reasons For Selecting Concrete Driveways


The appearance of your home gives visitors an impression of who you are. That’s why most people paint their exterior walls, tend their lawns, and work on their roofs. However, it’s also essential to consider your driveway. There are many types of driveways you can install in your home, including concrete driveways.

Here are some reasons why you need to select concrete driveways over other conventional paving methods:

1. Easy To Maintain

Traditional pavements can quickly be overrun by plant and weed growth because of the gaps in between them. Over time, the whole driveway may have green patches between the slabs. On the other hand, installing concrete driveways will offer you a uniform surface without spaces that plants or weeds can grow in. That makes their maintenance pretty simple.

2. Durable

Most homeowners install asphalt driveways because they’re cheap. However, it would be best to have a concrete driveway, though it may be slightly expensive because it’s more durable.

Studies indicate that concrete driveways’ service life is about 50% longer than that of asphalt. Asphalt may be cheap to buy and easy to install. Still, you’ll have to pay more maintenance costs because the aggregate-holding liquid can disintegrate and crack when exposed to chemicals, UV radiation, water, and oxidation.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Concrete driveways need minimal energy to produce and install, making them a more environmentally-friendly paving option. Asphalt requires about 250ºF of heat. Additionally, if you seal coat it after almost every 3-5 years, you’ll need many petroleum products. A good and durable driveway shouldn’t use much energy during its future replacement cycles.

4. Quick Installation

It’s exciting for homeowners to renovate their homes, including their driveways. That’s because renovation gives a fresh design and a new lease of life. However, it may be stressful because of the time required to complete the work and the difficulty in reinstalling some components.

Fortunately, installing concrete driveways require less time compared to other paving options. But this depends on climatic conditions and other factors. Furthermore, concrete driveway installation also causes less disruption, giving you the freedom and time to do your daily tasks peacefully.

5. Light And Heat Reflection

Concrete pavements are excellent at reflecting light and heat, making them absorb minimal UV radiation. You can confirm that by walking barefoot on concrete pavement and asphalt pavement on a hot day. This makes concrete pavements ideal for hotter summer months.

Their light’s reflectance ability will also help you to minimize lighting requirements. That way, you’ll save energy for years to come. Research indicates that asphalt can absorb a third more lighting than concrete pavements.

6. Easy To Beautify

Most concrete driveways have a light grey surface. However, depending on how creative your contractor is, you can make it more stylish. Some companies offer a range of patterns, styles, and colors that’ll give your driveway a perfect looking finish. That makes it possible to match your exterior’s décor with your driveway’s design.

Bottom Line

Concrete driveways have many amore benefits than other paving methods. They’re easy to install, durable, easy to maintain, reflect heat and light, environmentally friendly, and easy to beautify.