How to Create a Pool Using a Skip Bin


On a hot day, nothing can beat a nice relaxing swim in a pool, but what if you don’t have one? Most don’t realise but a domestic skip bin can be a perfect replacement for a pool when you don’t want to dish out a ton of money to have one built. But to get yourself a pool skip bin, there are a few steps to complete and some helpful suggestions to be made. If you keep reading you will have all the information you need to have your relaxing temporary pool set up at a fraction of the cost.

What Size Is Going to Be the Most Comfortable

When having a skip as your pool you are going to want a comfortable amount of room to stretch and relax in. Skip bins weren’t originally designed to be used as a pool so most sizes won’t really be convenient for swimming but don’t let that stop you. Although the options may be smaller, there are still many sizes that will comfortably handle groups of people when it comes to both swimming and relaxing. Here are the recommendations for skip bin sizes that will leave a comfortable amount of room.

For just relaxing purposes than either 3³, 4³ or 6m³ are good options as this allows you to move comfortably around. 6m³ will be a lot more comfortable to hang out in if you plan on having multiple people use the pool at the same time.

If you are planning on swimming in the skip, then you will need to go further up in skip size. Any size 8³ or higher will be perfect for this experience and easily allows multiple swimmers present.

Notify the Hiring Company of The Best Location

There’s always a perfect spot for a pool skip on everyone’s lawn. Maybe it’s near the back, at the front or perfectly placed under a tree for some pleasant shade. To ensure that this is where your skip bin ends up you need to notify them either during the day of the drop-off or better yet when you are ordering the skip bin itself.

Make sure to decide on where you want the skip beforehand so as to not incur any problems later.

How Long Is A Comfortable Time?

A pool skip needs time to be enjoyed as well as time to fill up and drain out, so what is the perfect amount needed to achieve this?

When filling a skip bin up with water it will take a decent amount of time (ESPECIALLY if you’re only using a hose), so dedicate half a day depending on its size to accomplish this. Luckily in reverse, it is much faster as a majority of skip bins come with ramps built out of a wall and dropping this will get most of it out in seconds.

When it comes how long you should rent the skip for, ordering one for the number of days you want to use it plus adding one extra day to handle filling and draining is the best approach. Realistically 5 days total will give you a good experience to enjoy your skip bin pool.

Tools, Toys and Safety Equipment

Here is a list of tools, safety equipment and most importantly the toys that you will need for your skip bin pool. As you could probably guess a skip bin most often gets used to carry and dispose of waste and that’s why safety is a huge importance when using a skip bin as a pool.

Contact with your skip bin is something you should try to avoid especially as you won’t be wearing a full dress suit as you go swimming. Even if the skip company does their absolute best to sanitise a skip bin there will always be areas affected by the rubbish that touched it before. It would be heavily recommended that you use something like a thick plastic sheet to cover the interior. This also stops any water leaking out of areas with small holes.

Toys choices are up to you so pick your favourite and get to swimming.

Best Methods to Go About Draining the Skip

Draining your pool skip bin can either be incredibly easy or really obnoxious depending on which skips you go with. When choosing a skip bin, make sure to find one with a ramp wall unless you want to be spending the better part of an afternoon with a bucket trying to empty a skip bin. If you do find a skip bin with a drop-down ramp, then use it to remove all the water at once. If you do use this method however make sure to watch out for the speed the ramp drops at so that no one gets injured or it damages the area below.

Start looking for skip bins Perth today so you can have a pool set up tomorrow.