All The Things You Need To Know About Fire Rated Doors


All building owners know the importance of protecting their property from the fire. One way to do this is to install fire rated doors to serve as an additional layer of protection against the damages and destruction caused by flames. It can provide a safe passageway and insulate the flames, smoke, and extreme heat if the structure is already burning.

Installing fire rated doors could be beneficial for all property owners. However, not everyone understands how it works. Here are some of the most common facts about fire rated doors and how to ensure that it will protect your building for a long time.

How Does Fire Rated Door Works During A Fire?

Fire rated doors can stop the spread of flames, smoke, toxic gasses, and other dangerous effects of fire. It works by using intumescent strips installed all over the door or around the interior of its frame. When these strips are exposed to a certain temperature level, they expand to cover the gap between the frame and the door. Thus, it can prevent the smoke from seeping through the different areas of the property.

However, fire rated doors do not mean that they are fireproof. They are made from combustible materials that may burn eventually during a fire. But they may still avoid the penetration of extreme heat and flames to slow down the fire temporarily. It will allow the occupants of the building to have more time to exit the structure safely. It will also help them avoid inhaling the toxic fumes as they make their way out of the building.

What Are The Types Of Fire Rated Doors?

There are two types of fire doors installed in Australia. It includes:

  • Sole Occupancy Fire Door Unit Fire Rating Level -/60.30 – This kind of fire door can stop the spread of flames for one hour and maintain a cool temperature for 30 minutes.
  • Common Property Fire Door -/120/30 – This type of fire door can inhibit the flames for two hours and stay cool for 30 minutes.

How To Check If The Building Has Fire Doors?

To ensure that a building has fire rated doors, the occupants must look into the building plans and specifications submitted to the local building inspector. The building owner must submit a copy of the plans and the Certificate of Classification to the local authorities.

The occupants will also know that the building has fire doors from the signage attached to it. Based on the Building Code of Australia, the label must clearly state that the door is a fire safety door, and it must come with a warning that it must not be obstructed or opened any time.

How To Maintain Fire Rated Doors?

Property owners must maintain all fire doors in Australian buildings under the Queensland Development Code (QDC) MP 6.1 specification, which specified that the designated fire safety installations for buildings are constantly maintained by a qualified person regularly.

The appropriately qualified person refers to an individual who holds a fire safety installation licence from the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

The fire rated door installations would ensure that the building is safe in the event of a fire. The owners of the structures must only make sure that their fire safety doors are built and installed by reliable sources to assure its quality and function.