3 Best Hot Tub Filters Available in The Market Today!


Filters for hot tubs are essential equipment that you cannot miss in every hot tub. Hot tub filters trap contaminants such as body oils, lotions, and dirt present in hot tub water thus making the water safe to use. Hot tub filters have folds that trap these contaminants. The filters should be cleaned regularly to enhance their efficiency. There is a wide range of hot tub filters in the market from various brands. The filters come in various sizes to fit every type of hot tub to ensure the system runs smoothly.

Here is a brief overview of the best hot tub filters to use

Hot tub cartridge filters

Hot tub filters are commonly used in hot tubs because they are easy to use and maintain. They are relatively cheaper and the rate of their efficiency is high. They are made of pleated plastic material. The plastic material is housed in the polyester paper. They have the shape of a cylinder.

How hot tub cartridge filters work

The water flows through the end of the cylinder, and the contaminants are trapped and stored in the tank. The cleaned water is then oozed out through the other opening of the cylinder and filtered back into the hot tub. The filtered water is safe to use contaminants are eliminated.

Hot tub cartridge filters can last 3-5 years depending on the size of the hot tub.

Hot tub sand filters

Hot tub sand filters are often used in hot tubs because they are cheap as compared to other filters. They are made of spherical containers filled with silica sand. It is the least effective filter because sand can only trap the large particles of contaminants leaving the microscopic particles.

How hot tub sand filters work

Water passes through the sand and particles are trapped in between the sand. When the sand filters become full of contaminants, backwashing is recommended. Backwashing is a process that reverses the flow of water through the sand filter. This process allows all the trapped contaminants to be released from the sand and spewed out of the hot tub. The hot tub needs to be balanced with chemicals to ensure microscopic particles which were not trapped are killed.

Water needs to be replaced in the hot tub as some water is lost through the backwashing process.

The sand in hot tub filters needs to be replaced after 5-7 years as sand will tear down overtime thus becoming ineffective.

Hot tub diatomaceous earth (D.E) filters

Hot tub diatomaceous earth filters contain several mesh grids covered with a thin layer of diatom powder. Diatom powder is fine and white. They are the most expensive as compared to other filters. Diatomaceous earth filters have high efficiency.

How hot tub diatomaceous earth filters work

The filter allows the clean water to pass through the mesh grids while trapping contaminants. When the mesh grid gets clogged with contaminants, backwashing is required.

Diatom powder can be hazardous therefore careful precautions should be taken when handling it.

Hot tub diatomaceous earth filters do not need to be fully replaced very often, but the diatom powder requires a replacement after 30 days.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, hot tub filters are innumerable but the above article clearly outlines the best hot tub filters to use. Without a doubt, the above hot tub filters stand out as the best filters in the modern market.