Apartment Safety Tips to Protect Your Home


Decorating your new home with trendy furniture and curtains is more than setting up security measures. But, you should know that burglars can intrude into your house when you are out for your office and have left your new home without any security measures.

Therefore, setting up security measures in your new home should be one number one on your to-do list. In this post, we shall discuss the ways through which you can secure your house against burglars and thieves. Let us know about some tips to protect an apartment or any house.

Secure Your Front Door

According to research, around 34% of new homeowners forget to secure their front doors and allow burglars to enter through them. Before working on any safety measure, make sure that your door is made up of strong material, their hinges are safe, and if it has a mail slot, ensure that the outsider can’t reach through it to unlock the door.

If you have purchased a home where someone was already living, change your locks before moving in to avoid strangers entering your house with a key. To enhance the security of your front door, you can try out the methods mentioned below.

  • Install a strike Plate
  • Apply digital locks on your door
  • Add a video doorbell to boost the security of your door.

Cover your Windows

After securing your doors, it’s time to cover your windows. It is a fact that most of the intruders first create a list to intrude into a house. To keep your new home off the top of their lists, it would be best to hide your expensive stuff by equipping your windows with blinds and curtains.

You should always leave your home after shutting down the windows or shut them down after dark. If you are setting blinds on your windows, make sure you get angle-closed horizontal blinds so that the bad guys can’t peep through the small gaps between the slats.

Know your Neighbor

After moving in, it is important to meet your neighbors. One of the best ways to know your neighbors is to throw a party after moving in. Invite all your neighbors to the party and ask them about the area’s security, nearby supermarkets, etc.

This way, you can make your space among the people who are already living at the location. When neighbors know each other, they keep an eye for suspicious activity around, and they can inform you if they find something fishy going on around or in your house.

Install a Door Security Bar

A door security bar is one of the best security measures for an apartment dweller. Most of these bars are easy to install and remove. One of the best things about them is that they do zero damage to your doors.

If your balcony has a sliding door, door security bars will enhance the security of your door. Many manufacturers also manufacture portable door security bars so that you can take them while you are traveling.

Install Cameras

Installing the third eye is important to keep a watch on your house in your absence. You may think that cameras are used for monitoring the person who is trying to enter your house forcefully or watch the recording when the burglary thing happened.

The technology is much advanced these days as nowadays; there are advanced cameras that can send a notification on your phone in real-time. Some cameras can also alert your nearest police station to visit your place and take a look at the situation.

Add a Security System

Fortunately, we are living in a modern world where things are different from old and less effective methods. Nowadays, you can equip your home with a security system with zero wires. The wireless security systems use adhesive to fix sensors on your windows and doors.

The advanced wireless security systems also allow you to monitor things through your Smartphone. To maximize the security of your home, a security system is a must.

The Final Words

By following the above methods, you can enhance the security of your new home. If you have spent a large amount of your savings, adding a security system is a must.