Tips to Buy LED High Bays for Industries


Industries are large manufacturing places which are functional round the clock. They are task oriented spaces and the nature of work is quite different than that of any usual space.

These spaces accommodate heavy machinery for large scale production so it requires a certain level of illumination in order to satiate all the lighting needs in long term and within a certain budget. High bay LED lighting is the most effective solution for lighting around the industries despite the nature of the task carried out in that area.

Industrial spaces require bright and uniform lighting and to achieve that with High bay LED lighting, here are a few tips:

1. Consider the layout

The layout of every industry differs on the basis of the nature of the task reserved for that space. It can be multi-purpose and usually a range of tasks are carried out in industries.

The layout is subjected to the photometric study and it determines the horizontal and vertical area which requires illumination. It also includes the objects present in the space and how much extra light they need for efficient function.

The layout is roughly determined by checking a few parameters which are:

  • Ceiling height
  • Horizontal area
  • Colour of the walls

This can also be calculated, mainly of industries by hiring lighting contractors.

2. Check the Lumen requirement

Once the layout is determined, it is easier to determine the total luminous flux which is required by an individual fixture to illuminate a certain spot. It also helps in determining the number of fixtures required to reach that level of illumination as per the division of zones in an industry.

3. Check the fixture type

Most high bay lights come under the tags of high bay lights but never opt for a certain lumen output while purchasing the fixture as only high bay lights are the appropriate fixtures for industrial zones. They are designed under several specifications which are:

  1. Higher lumen output
  2. Adjustable reflectors
  3. Two main designs : Linear and round
  4. Downlight or accenting fixture

Most linear high bays are for general lighting whereas round high bays can function as downlights as well as for accenting shelves or objects above eye level.

It is necessary to determine which fixture is appropriate in which zone according to the task reserved for that space.

4. Select the right mounting option for the space

LED high bays allow a variety of mounting options. Both linear and round high bays support the mounting options like:

Recessed mount:

they can recess into the modular ceiling while a network of wiring runs above the ceiling space. This also helps create a vent for dissipated heat if the ceilings are IC rated or non IC rated.

Chain mount:

for adequate illumination and to ensure that the light reaches the floor as well as the point of illumination directly; high bay lights can be suspended from ceiling with the help of chains. There are hooks or mounting brackets present at the back of the fixture which support this mounting option.

Surface mount:

The surface mount option is widely applied and there are clamps and brackets which support the surface mounting of high bay light fixtures.

5. Select the right colour temperature and CRI

High bay LED lighting has several advantages over traditional lighting. LEDs allow smart lighting controls like choosing from a range of colour temperatures while having a high CRI to enhance the appearance and ambience of the surroundings.

The optimum correlated colour temperature of high bay lights for industries falls within a range of 4000K – 6000K and above because these the level of illumination required is higher than in any other place and to keep the environment appear fast paced and functional.

The higher CRI of LEDs is highly beneficial in task oriented areas as they impart original colours of the surroundings and objects in the surroundings. They affect the appearance by enhancing the tone and texture of the object to help focus on the details.

Usual CRI of traditional fixtures is 80.

Conclusively, High bay LED lights are quite energy efficient as they operate on low power and produce bright, high quality light. In the long run, it is highly beneficial for business owners as they help cut down on electricity, replacement or maintenance costs. They are longer lasting and live up to their warranty period i.e 100000 hours or above. These tips are important to follow when buying LED high bays to make the most out of quality lighting.