Should You Go With Artificial Grass Or Turfgrass Around Your Pool?


When it comes to pool landscaping ideas, is artificial grass better or should you get turfgrass instead? A lot of people have the question – ‘Can I place artificial grass around my pool?’, in their minds. The answer is yes, you can. You can opt for turfgrass as well, but this requires maintenance on your part.

When you add turfgrass around your fibreglass pool, you will need to ensure that the grass gets watered when necessary. You’ll need to cut the grass when it gets too long, and you’ll also need to ensure that people don’t walk into your pool with the grass on their feet. Mainly because turfgrass is more difficult to maintain, more and more people are opting for artificial grass.

When you get artificial grass around your pool, you’ll need to deal with less maintenance. You’ll get both the look as well as the feel of turfgrass, and you won’t have to worry about maintaining the grass at the same time. With artificial grass, you make the area around your pool safer as well.

Artificial Grass vs Turfgrass: Which Is Better?

Now that you’ve decided that you want to have grass around your fibreglass pool, it’s time to decide what kind of grass you want. You can opt for turfgrass, which is a natural way to get a covering for the ground around your pool. But turfgrass needs to be maintained on a regular basis. If you don’t care for it, it can grow wild and out of control. This means that if you go on a long vacation, you’ll need to hire someone to cut the grass back home.

Artificial grass, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be maintained. There are several advantages to picking artificial grass over turfgrass. These include the following.

1. Increased Safety

Artificial grass, in some ways, is even safer than turfgrass. Not only is artificial grass made of material that is completely safe, but it’s also not a place that insects are likely to try and make their home. You won’t find worms crawling around under artificial grass either, which makes it safe for people to walk around the grass.

The material used to make artificial grass is non-toxic, as well as non-allergenic. There are a lot of children, and even pets, who are allergic to the pollen in the grass. For such families, artificial grass is the perfect alternative.

Artificial grass can come with anti-bacterial technology, which makes it difficult for bacteria to propagate. It’s perfectly healthy for people as well as animals, to both walk on and play on.

2. Installation Is Easy

With turfgrass, you’ll easily find yourself spending countless hours mowing the grass, fertilizing it, weeding it as well as watering it. Artificial grass, on the other hand, doesn’t need to be fertilized at all. You don’t need to maintain it, and you don’t need to have the pool area irrigated so that the grass has access to enough water. This means that with artificial grass, you’ll be saving a lot when it comes to both time as well as money.

You can clean your artificial grass simply by watering them. All you need is a simple hose and you’ll be able to get rid of dirt or mud in a matter of seconds. Artificial grass is also designed such that it endures for a long period of time. It’s also meant to be used heavily by people, and you can play sports on it as well.

The process of installing artificial grass is also simpler than installing turfgrass. With turfgrass, the land the grass will be placed on will need to be cleaned, before the layer with the turfgrass is placed on top of it. You could also add the grass individually, which is a very laborious endeavour. With artificial grass, you save time when it comes to how fast it’s installed.

3. Easy Drainage

If you’re thinking of getting artificial grass to surround your fibreglass pool, then you’ll need to think about drainage as well. When people enter the pool and use it, they often splash water out. If there isn’t proper drainage, the area around your pool could become slippery.

Artificial grass can actually drain the water out faster than turfgrass can. Look for an artificial grass manufacturer that uses free-draining fabric as well as thermoplastic, to make the artificial grass.

With turfgrass, you’ll need to wait until the water naturally recedes underground. Until then, walking around the grass can be a muddy affair. Even with slippers on, people can still track mud into your home. With artificial grass on the other hand, this is far less likely to happen.

Between turfgrass and artificial grass, artificial grass is better at draining water out faster.

4. The Look And The Feel

A big question that people often have, is whether artificial grass will provide the same look and feel as turfgrass. The good news is that when you get artificial grass, you aren’t saying goodbye to the look and feel that natural grass provides you with.

Artificial grass doesn’t just look like natural grass, but it’s designed to have the same feel as well. In addition to this, your artificial grass will have the same vibrant green colour throughout the year. Artificial grass also comes with properties that help protect the grass from damage from the sun. This means that you don’t have to worry about your artificial grass, even if it’s left exposed to the sun’s rays all day.


There are a lot of advantages to getting artificial grass over turfgrass. If you don’t want to spend time and money taking care of the grass around your fibreglass pool, then opt for artificial grass. There are certain benefits to turfgrass as well, mainly that it’s natural, and feels good to the touch.

However, artificial grass also has a similar look and feel to natural grass. This guide helps you learn more about artificial grass, as well as the differences between artificial grass and turfgrass.