Here’s How You Can Add To Your Kitchen Counter Space


Whether your kitchen is compact in size or spacious, additional counter space is always appreciated. In fact, every kitchen has existing counter space which may prove to be less than what we thought we’d require.

While we all strive to leverage our kitchen and make it as clutter-free as possible, looking for ways to create more counter space often leaves us disgruntled and frustrated.

Both homeowners and fitted kitchen designers try their best to incorporate as much counter space in the kitchen design. However, we always seem to run out.

Since there aren’t enough tricks and DIYs that successfully help you keep your kitchen free and open, we have just the thing for you.

Here’s a list of ideas that will help you add to your kitchen counter space that not only serve as smart storage ideas, but also help you leverage your kitchen design to the fullest.

Let’s get started.

1. Add Ceiling Mounted Racks

Let’s face it, our cookware tends to take up a considerable amount of space. Additionally, our designated places for the utensils may tend to get mixed up, meaning we can barely find what we’re looking for. The best solution for this is to incorporate ceiling mounted racks in your kitchen design.

Cookware racks mounted at the ceiling is a great idea because they allow you to free up counter space while also making use of a lesser-utilised area such as your ceiling. Moreover, since your pots and pans will be hung from this rack, it makes it easier to find what you’re looking for while also keeping the cookware within immediate reach.

Additionally, when kept organised, they also serve as a prominent kitchen feature that elevates your room aesthetically.

So what are you waiting for?

Consult your local fitted kitchen designers to help you incorporate these racks to your kitchen design.

2. Incorporate Shelf Risers Below Cabinets

Shelf risers have become an increasingly popular kitchen accessory that is used by homeowners looking to save space, as they are incredibly versatile and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen.

Since shelf risers create additional space for you, adding them below your cabinets or inside shelves can help you create extra counter space in a more organised manner. Additionally, they add an extra section for storage through which you can keep your kitchen features more uniformly.

Moreover, since these risers are relatively compact, they barely take up space, making it easier for you to add to your existing counter space.

3. Get Creative With Your Sink

While a sink is one of the most crucial elements of your kitchen, it can take up quite a lot of counter space, especially if you have farmhouse style, big steel sinks. That said, finding ways to use your sink for more than one task can prove to be beneficial.

Using a cutting board that can be placed over your sink, for example, can not only serve as a moveable cover but also allow you to make the most of the space. This can prove to be extremely convenient and handy for you when you’re prepping a meal for a bigger group of people.

All you need is to find a cutting board that is slightly bigger than your sink and voila – you have extra counter space.

4. Leverage Windows For Storage

Another underutilised area that can be leveraged to create more space are your kitchen windows. Your windows and the area below them can be used smartly to create more storage space without making your kitchen look too cluttered.

For example, a herb garden on your windowsill is one of the best examples of making most of the space. Another idea that you could consider is adding a vertical spice rack.

That said, when it comes to using free spaces, think creatively and come up with ideas that not only make the most of the available space, but also add to the overall functionality of your kitchen.

5. Add A Moveable Cart

For those who cannot include a kitchen island to their design, the next best option for you is adding a moveable cart.

A truly underrated element, a moveable cart can act like both counter space and storage space. It helps you greatly in keeping things organised and mobile; you can keep the cart and keep changing its place according to your requirements.

Moreover, when it comes to a moveable cart, you can use its top as a counter space to prep for your meals while the lower part can include all the necessary utensils and cookware you require. This works especially great for those with smaller kitchens who are looking to save as much space as they can.

6. Go for a Magnetic Cutlery Holder

Traditional knife blocks take up a considerable amount of space and let’s face it whenever we’re in a rush, they always seem to topple over. That said, a great feature you could consider for your kitchen design is a magnetic cutlery strip for your walls.

These magnetic cutlery holders are extremely easy to use and enable you to place your steel cutlery directly on them, saving you space and time. Moreover, the cutlery and knives you use on a regular basis can be added on these magnetic holders for easier access.

However, you need to make sure that the magnetic strip is placed out of children’s reach and that your knives are placed safely. While this is a great idea, make sure you have all safety requirements and concerns taken care of.

To Sum Up

Making the most of your available space can help you create a functional kitchen that is leveraged to the most.

Counter space is an important element which you can never have too much of. Through a few simple tips and additions, you can add to your kitchens counter space and increase your storage as well.