Why Window Cleaning is Important?

A restaurant in Eskişehir/Turkey. Cleaning worker is cleaning the windows.

Clean windows are an afterthought for most people. In fact, few see the value of keeping these surfaces clean. But there are multiple reasons why you should pay more attention to this chore. The pro window cleaners of Cool Glass Window Cleaning provide some insights for all of us below.

Clean Windows Keep the Glass from Degrading

Did you know that acid rain, hard water, and even natural debris buildup can damage your windows? These issues certainly make the glass look bad. But they also enter into the glass’ pores. From deep in the panes, they contaminate and corrode the panes, first appearing like tiny scratches or cracks. Over time, you need a full replacement.

Simply keeping your windows clean extends the lifetime of the glass. This is especially important if you live in a dusty area, such as near major construction or a roadway. Hiring the pros for hard mineral removal and glass cleaning enables you to avoid early window replacement.

Glass Cleaning Improves Curb Appeal

There is an old saying that your windows are the eyes of your home. This is because the windows tell so much about the quality and cleanliness of your home, even from the curb. Having clean windows makes your home look newer, fresher and cleaner, welcoming visitors in from the street.

Clean Windows Improve Your Air Quality

Having dirt built up on your window panes and sills actually affects your air quality. Windows attract accumulating dirt, dust, pollen, mould and other allergens. They make the air inside your home stale and can even aggravate lung conditions and other health issues. Putting window cleaners to work can actually make you breathe easier.

A window cleaner descends from ropes to clean a building’s glass facade.

Clean Windows Improve Heating Efficiency

During the cold months of late fall, winter and early spring, having clean windows is important for maintaining a cozy household temperature. Because dirt, grime and other buildup on your windows reflect the sun’s rays, they take away the benefits of the sun for keeping your home warm. This free heating is lost, and your costly heating unit must make up the difference. By keeping your windows clean, you enjoy the efficient benefits of natural sunlight.

A Clear View Is a Better View

Dirty windows block out natural light and colour from the world around you. These results can actually contribute to depression, regardless of the quality of your views. It is always more enticing to look out of a clean window. Clean windows also help sell homes instead of turning buyers off at the perception of a poorly maintained property.

Window Cleaning for Homes and Businesses

Many people believe that professional window cleaning only exists for businesses. But these companies also provide their services for private homes. You do not have to own a rambling property to justify professional window cleaning, either. A window cleaning company serves clients with small homes, just like they serve major companies. Window cleaning services often also provide pressure washing, gutter cleaning and other services too.

For your residential property, whether it is an apartment, condo, townhome or single-family home, you need window cleaning one to two times per year. Twice is ideal, particularly if you live around many trees and lots of pollen or on a busy street. In periods of road construction or other construction work nearby, you will also find you need more frequent window cleaning than usual.

For commercial properties, such as retail stores and restaurants, window cleaning is more important to the perception and profitability of your business. You should generally have your windows cleaned every one to two months. These types of businesses experience greater buildup of dirt and dust, as well as handprint smudges. In a restaurant, in particular, dirty windows can affect customer purchases. Office buildings typically only need window cleaning twice yearly.