Can You Claim Window Replacement on Taxes?

master in a blue uniform, inserts a window into the frame, against the sky

Tax season is upon us right now, and there’s a mix out there of anxiety and anger, as many millions of people are crunching their numbers with virtual tax calculators, hoping to save some serious money in a year where so many desperately need the savings. People are turning over every stone they can find, searching for some sort of tax deduction or rebate that’s going to hopefully ease their financial burden. After 2020’s global pandemic, many people certainly need and deserve a break. When it comes to taxes, you can often find write-offs, rebates and deductions in places you may have never thought to look. For instance, did you know that getting certain types of upgrades to your home will help you pay fewer taxes or even get a nice fat rebate check? It’s true; you just have to get the right sorts of renovations.

Window replacement is actually one of the most lucrative sorts of renovations you can get. The government is out there tripping over itself in order to throw money at people as an incentive for putting new windows in their homes. This is something that they’re not advertising in commercials or in magazines, but it’s also a widely known fact about contractors and people who have had their windows replaced. How is this possible? Let’s read more about it below.

Why Would Government Allow You to Claim Windows?

Government loves its money, and it certainly wastes enough of it. These are things everyone knows. So, why would the government give you a deduction or a rebate based on merely having your windows replaced? Well, it’s all about the push for a greener economy. In nations like the USA and Canada, the tax code is written to offer people incentives for helping us evolve into a new age of eco-friendly living. So, the reasons here are twofold.

First, the government offers special exemptions and even subsidies for energy-efficient windows and different types of windows that will allow you to burn less fuel and consume less electricity in your home. They seek to help manufacturers and contractors. So, they want these companies rewarded, stimulated, so to speak, and so they make it worth your while to do business with these companies.

Secondly, it helps the planet. One may be as cynical as they want about government, but elected officials are still charged with protecting us, and many of them take this seriously when it comes to emitting less carbon into the atmosphere. So, they want to reward you for making the change with a quality, eco-friendly window replacement.

Instances where Replacing Your Windows Can be Claimed

There are two main instances where replacing your windows will fall under the write-off status. Don’t worry, however; all of your replacements are going to fall under one of these two instances.

a specialist in installing plastic windows puts a double-glazed window in a window frame, close-up

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

The first is the one we’ve been speaking about: Energy efficiency. The government is so keen on helping to kick-start a new type of “green” economy that some provinces and states have different sorts of tax codes that will actually offer you a larger rebate than the check you had to write to have your windows replaced, to begin with. The government gets criticized about these kickbacks a lot, like with their battery-powered cars and such. But if you speak with a tax expert, they might be able to ensure that you essentially get your windows replaced for free in essence.

Value-Added Renovations

The other reason that you can get a deduction or rebate is because the windows you’re putting in are considered a value-added renovation. This means that the value of your home is going to increase, and thus your equity increases. Why would the government give you a kick-back for this? It’s pretty simple. As you and your house are worth more, you will likely be paying higher taxes in future filings.

No matter what the reason for getting rebates and deductions may be, the important thing on which to focus is that you can actually save a lot by having your windows replaced in your home. The best way to go about this is to find the right contracting company to assist you. The better the products and the better the job is, the more of a deduction you will get.