How to Make Your Shower Enclosure Area Ready For Enjoying a Good Shower


People spend an average of 10 minutes every time they decide to take a shower. The bathroom is one of the essential part in a home. It is where we start our days and wind them up. There is so much that the bathroom does for your home and you. It sets the tone of your home; most buyers consider the bathroom before they make their decision. The bathroom offers solitude, and it is the best place to disconnect with the world. It is also the best place to find inspiration: the best ideas come up while in the shower.

Maintenance is a significant way in which the bathroom serves us. Dedicated, for this reason, the shower should be well enclosed and adequately equipped for the best bathing, grooming, or maintenance experience.

For the best bathing experience, ensure that your shower enclosure is equipped with all the shower items needed. A bent glass shelf with a towel bar will also help manage your items and keep your shower organized. Use a squeegee after the shower to dry the shower glass to keep your enclosure looking neat.

Check and ready the shower items inside Shower Enclosure

This is where you wash away all the dirt of the day, and do some voice training without fearing any embarrassment. The shower enclosure, therefore, needs to be adequately equipped with routine beauty and utility items. This will give you a wholesome bathing experience, and at the same time, prevent constant interruptions of having to step out to grab something.

Here is a list of everything you need in your shower area.

1. Towels to soak up yourself after taking shower

Fluffy clan towels are essential items for the shower enclosure. After a hot and relaxing bath, you do not want to freeze your way out of the shower enclosure or flood the bathroom with water. It is also hazardous, as the floors can get slippery if they are wet and cause slips. For this reason, the towels should be within reach for quick drying after a shower.

2. Scrubbing mitts

For an immersive bathing experience, you will need scrubbing mitts to get rid of the dead skin. Exfoliation also promotes blood circulation and healthy skin. For the same purpose of exfoliation and thorough cleaning, you can also invest in a quality body scrub.

3. A robe and slippers

The dreaded part about taking a shower is turning off the showerhead and having to walk out of the enclosure. We are talking about the cold air that hits you the moment you are done with the cleaning. Having a robe and slippers will spare you the agony. They will help in keeping you warm until you get dressed.

4. Bath oils for spa like self-massage

We all love a good hot shower. However, it has some drawbacks. A hot shower can dry out your skin as it disrupts keratin cells, which are located at the topmost layer of the skin. This diminishes the ability of the skin to clock in moisture. Dryness can cause itchiness and discomfort.

To prevent this, you can have bath oils that will go a long way in avoiding dryness by leaving your skin with a silky and smooth feel.

5. Shampoo and Body wash

A shower is not complete if you don’t nourish your hair and scalp. This makes it vital for you to have shampoo in your enclosure. A body wash or shower gel is also needed for washing your body.

The other items that you might need in your shower enclosure include a shower cap, razor, shaving cream, and maybe shower speakers if you enjoy your shower more with music in the background.

Manage towel and other accessories using glass shelves

While having the items above your shower is essential, if you do not store them appropriately, you can wreak havoc in your bathroom. That’s why you need a dedicated space for keeping them. Using glass shelves will help you organize and manage your shower items and enhance the aesthetics of your shower.

There are tons of designs for glass shower shelves, but a bent shelf with a towel bar will serve you best. They will provide secure storage space for all your shower items while instantly vamping up space’s appearance. They will give your bathroom a contemporary look, something everyone is looking for in their homes.

Bent glass shower shelves also allow you to store items without hiding them, and allowing you an easy reach. They are affordable and also save on space, making them perfect even for the small shower enclosures.

They come in different bent styles and colors, and you can easily blend them with the interior of the rest of your bathroom. They are simple, practical, and very stylish.

Use a squeegee after taking a shower for keeping shower enclosure clean

No one likes to spend time in an unsightly shower. Watermarks, thumbprints, and scum are some of the things that can weigh down your glass enclosure. Provided you are using your shower; it has to get stained at some point. The trick is to follow a routine that will prevent the build-up of stains. Getting rid of residue and drying your shower glass every time after use will go a long way in keeping it pristine and presentable. A squeegee will be the best tool for the job, and here is how you can use it to keep your enclosure stainless.

1. Use it immediately after you shower

Squeegee your shower glass immediately after a shower to prevent soapy water from drying on the glass and leaving behind stains. This makes cleaning harder and more indulging.

2. Start from the top

To ensure a thorough clean-up, start from the top corners working downwards while squeezing the squeegee on the glass. You will note that the water will be running downwards and that is the point. Continue squeegeeing while overlapping to ensure that no water droplets are left on the glass.