6 Signs You Need An Electrician For A Major Electrical Problem

Power Cord on Rustic Wooden Background

Having electricity in any establishment, like in the office or your home, is considered a necessity. This is because the appliance that we need or want is powered by electricity. You can even argue that without electricity, you may not be as productive as you are.

However, there comes a point in our lives that we may experience major electrical problems . Even if these problems will put a wrench on how you function on a daily basis, do note that these problems, both major and minor, may cause further damage therefore it is recommended to contact residential electrician in withers wa.

That’s why, despite your need for electricity, it’s best that you know the initial signs of electrical problems so you can prevent the situation from worsening. To help you out, here are signs that you need an electrician Northern Beaches or in your locality to address major electrical concerns like the ones listed below:

1. Frayed Wiring

The usual suspects of frayed wiring are rodents, pets, and even an inexperienced electrician who didn’t properly install the wiring. If you spot any frayed or even chewed wiring, it’s best to consult an expert since these are both fire and shock hazards.

2. Shocks

Speaking of shocks, a common occurrence for this phenomenon is when you walk over your carpet. However, if you touch an outlet, switch-plate, lamps, ceiling fan, furnace, or water lines, and experience shocks, then it can be a major sign of a grounded electrical system. A grounded appliance can signal a major electrical problem since it’ll indicate that there’s something wrong with the wiring. Neglecting this issue may result in a fire in the long run. Thus, make an appointment with an electrician so they can prevent any negative consequences from happening.

3. Flickering Lights

Most, if not all, light fixtures only draw a small amount of electricity. Hence, flickering or even dimming lights isn’t caused by the fixture itself. Rather, the most common cause for this electrical problem is when major appliances—like air conditioners—hog electricity, especially when the lights in question are wired to these types of appliances.

Since major appliances draw in a lot of power, they need more electricity. This will result in your lightings having a lower supply of play, which, in turn, results in dimming or flickering. To solve this, it’s best to talk to an electrician from Coolangatta so they can move the light fixtures to another circuit or they can install a dedicated line for your major appliances.

electrical wires sparks close up

4. Sparking

If you see sparks coming from appliances or directly from the wire, it should immediately be a cause of concern. This is especially true if the sparks are coming from the fuse box, outlet, or breaker panel. It’s best not to attempt to fix this problem since it can lead to electrocution. Hence, it’s best to hire the experts rather than DIY-ing the problem, especially if you don’t have the necessary know-how. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Additionally, if the sparks are coming from the appliances themselves, take note that it may not immediately point to electrical problems. Perhaps the problem stems from the fixture or appliance itself, hence there may be nothing wrong with your home’s wiring. To test this, plug the appliance into another outlet, then see if it’s still sparking. If it’s no longer giving you problems, then there may be a problem with your wiring. If it’s still sparkling, then you may return, fix, or have the appliance repaired.

5. Unfamiliar Odors

It’s common for a brand-new appliance to produce an unfamiliar odor when it’s plugged in your outlet. This may be caused by the appliance’s finishing touches, paint, material, or other superficial issues. However, if the unfamiliar and funny odor comes from an electrical outlet, you must immediately unplug everything connected to it. Then don’t use that outlet until it’s inspected by a qualified electrician. Additionally, if your fuse box or breaker panel is giving an unfamiliar odor, you must have an electrician take a look at it too.

6. Loose Outlets

Ideally, cords are supposed to exactly fit into an outlet. However, if you notice that the cord now wiggles while being plugged, it’s best to have an electrician pop that outlet open so it’ll be addressed. Since it’s a common wire problem, you may already have a loose outlet in your home. The danger of a loose outlet lies in the fact that it’ll eventually shake the wires free. This, in turn, will lead to short-circuit, sparks, and even fires.


Although there are plenty of in-depth videos that teach you how to fix major electrical problems, it’s always a wise decision to hire a professional. Even if you shell out money, it’s best if you don’t risk your own safety or your family’s. By hiring an expert, you’ll rest assured that any of your electrical problems, especially major ones, are properly dealt with—giving you peace of mind.