Common Issues That Need Air Conditioning Repair Services Dayton, TX!


A well-functioning and trusted air conditioner plays an important part in the home comfort system. If you have been using it for several years, you may wonder whether it would malfunction or break anytime. The repair costs vary according to the severity and scope of the issue. There are some serious problems where you should call for air conditioning repair services Dayton, TX, and fix them immediately.


With the help of the thermostat, you control the air conditioner. When you are noticing an issue with the thermostat, it may affect the entire unit’s performance. At times, you may tend to solve the problem by just adjusting the thermostat settings. When the issue is major, you would not be able to resolve it by only adjusting the thermostat. You need to call for help from the top AC repair company. The expert may suggest replacing the thermostat and it depends on the air conditioner and model you are using. The cost also varies from one air conditioner model to another. The latest models come with excellent features and help in saving costs in the long stretch. You may have to spend around $75 for replacing the thermostat. This cost includes labor and hardware expenses.

Air filter:

It is an important part of a cooling unit. The air filter grabs debris and dust and stops the air to move through the HVAC ductwork. Cleaning or exchanging the filter is simple and quick. At most times, you can maintain the air filter with the assistance of experienced AC repair services Dayton, TX. Also, we suggest utilizing disposable filters. It is very common and easily available. You can choose one according to the model you are utilizing. When you have a washable filter, you have to put some effort to clean it using water and utilize it again. The filter has to be replaced once in two to three months. When you do not clean or change the filter frequently, the air conditioner functions hard to offer a comfortable temperature. Due to this, you would notice a high increase in the monthly utility expenses.

Electrical problems:

You may notice problems due to electrical components like the fuses, breakers, and also circuit board. Malfunctions or damage can happen in the air conditioning units, affecting the AC contactor, compressor, or motor. The majority of the electrical parts may cost about $50 to $300 when you are replacing or repairing them. When you contact a Dayton, TX AC repair contractor, they will check the parts and diagnose the reason for the improper functioning of the system.

Drainage problems:

Are you doubting that the AC is suffering because of drainage issues? If so, then the service costs would involve replacement or repair of damaged parts or water damage. Some of the components that may get affected because of drainage issues are the drain line, condensate drain tube, and drain pan.

Tune-ups and service calls:

The service call cost varies according to the local demand and location. It can be approximately between $70 and $200 where it includes basic diagnosis and travel expenses. Some of the other important aspects that may involve are parts and labor and they are mostly flat rates. The labor expenses would range from $70 to $130 per hour.

Unpleasant odors:

Everything would not smell good like the tasty foods, roses, or the outdoors. The air conditioner can produce a bad smell when it is experiencing issues. Unpleasant odors surround the home and even in crawl spaces. Smells of burned plastic, smoke or heat arrive due to broken parts or bad electrical wiring. If the fan in the air conditioner is not functioning, the unit would not supply cool air and it also produces burnt materials smells. Ensure that the parts are functioning and the electrical wiring does not have exposed wires or frays. Mildew and mold are some of the common causes of bad smells. They most develop in damp and cool areas. At times, these odors can be avoided by cleaning the dirty evaporator coil. Call a professional to clean the evaporator and other parts of the unit.

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