How Long Does It Take to Restore a Roof?


Your home’s roof should be strong enough to be able to withstand the test of extreme weather conditions. That is where roof restoration comes in. It is more than just repairing a roof.

A roof restoration process typically involves restoring a roof to make it brand new, both in looks and strength.

So, if you’ve been experiencing difficulties because of your roof, it’s time to think about getting a roof restoration. The article explains common questions about roof restoration, including how to restore roof and how long roof restoration takes.

Let’s learn more about roof restoration.

How To Restore Roof – The Process

A reliable roof restoration Cranbourne company follows a typical 3-step roof restoration process. This includes the following steps:

Step 1: Visual Assessment

Here, a roofing specialist will visually inspect your roof to find issues like dents, cracks, or holes that may compromise your roof’s stability. They will also identify leakage in the underlying deck and insulation, rust and other elements that could weaken your roofing material.

Further, the roofing expert will check your house’s inside to identify problems like water stains, strange odours, or moulds. Such issues are worth noting and need to be addressed as early as possible.

Step 2: Consultation & cost estimation

Upon the initial inspection, all measurements and calculations will be taken during this step. The roofing specialist will give an estimation of roof costs. They will then discuss the total scope of the roof restoration work.

This is a good time to decide whether to proceed with the roof restoration. If you decide to go for it, the roofing specialist will give you a timetable for the entire restoration process.

Some of the common services discussed during this stage are:

  • Leaf Screening: 1-2 days
  • Guttering: 1-2 days
  • Repointing and Rebedding: 2-3 days

Step 3: The Actual Roof Restoration

After the inspection, cost estimation and timetable steps are completed, the proper roof restoration will begin. It comprises cleaning, repair, and roof recoating. Some of the tasks performed during this step are:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • Roof Repair
  • Roof Recoating

Each of these services usually takes 1-2 days to complete. Most roof restoration Cranbourne companies offer quality inspection after the process is completed. This ensures that the result is satisfactory and matches your expectations.

What Does Roof Restoration Include?

Here’s what a roof restoration project comprises:

  • Tile Replacement – professionals will replace and refresh damaged, worn and missing tiles. It may include a few damaged tiles that need replacement to a complete replacement that will extend the roof restoration work.
  • Tile Re-bedding, Re-pointing – involves manual removal of the tiles and relaying them with flexible pointing material. This binds them better to the roof.
  • Pressure Cleaning – the roof is properly cleaned using pressure equipment
  • Painting and Sealing – Gives the final touch to your roof to make it stand out and maintain that freshly restored look for longer.

Factors That Decide How Long Will A Roof Restoration Project Take

While a typical roof restoration process usually takes 2 to 3 days, the actual duration depends on several factors. These factors include:


The duration required for restoring your roof is influenced by its size. The correlation between roof size and restoration time is simple and does not require expertise to understand. The bigger your roof area is, the more time it will take to restore.


The restoration process for your roof depends on its condition. If it has many broken or missing tiles, cracked pointing, and rusted gutters, the restoration process may take longer.  Further, if the roof is in poor overall shape, the restoration will still take longer.

However, the restoration process will be much shorter if your roof is structurally stable. The same applies if the roof only requires cosmetic fixes. The duration of the restoration process is also influenced by whether you intend to repaint your roof or not.


The installation time for different roofing materials can vary significantly. Heavy materials such as concrete and clay tiles demand more time for preparation and installation compared to lightweight metal sheets.

However, it is not recommended to base your choice of roofing material solely on the installation time. It is crucial to select the appropriate roofing material that meets your needs and requirements.


The pitch of your roof is another crucial factor that can affect the duration of the restoration process. Steeply angled roofs can be challenging to work on, and additional precautions are needed to ensure safety while performing the task.

If your roof is difficult to access due to obstacles such as trees, extra measures may be required. In contrast, flat roofs are much easier to work on, allowing roofing professionals to install materials more quickly.


The number of workers involved in the restoration process is another crucial factor that can impact the duration of the project. It is essential to hire a company with a strong work ethic and a collaborative team.

Look for a roof restoration company that guarantees efficiency & timeliness. This is possible with an efficient and big team.

How Long Does Roof Restoration Take?

So, the most important question is, how many days it takes to complete a roof restoration project? A standard roof restoration, in most cases, takes between 3 to 5 days. But as said, it entirely depends on the factors like the roof condition, size, weather conditions, and manpower.

It is a good idea to ask your roofing specialist to visit your property to inspect the damaged roof. They will provide all the recommendations and the options available to refresh your roof and the duration.

The Takeaway

A damaged roof can hinder the integrity and safety of your entire property. Hence, it is something that you shouldn’t overlook and get treated immediately. When performed rightly, a roof restoration process will ensure your roof fulfils its purpose.

A typical roof restoration will not take more than 5 days. However, it’s best to consult a roof restoration Cranbourne specialist to understand how to restore roof and how long it will take.