Signs that Signals AC Repair Powder Springs GA!


Many homeowners fail to identify the repairing signs of air conditioners, making them more prone to further damage and system failure. But if the problem is caught in its initial stage, then many significant repairs can be avoided. Always be attentive and look out for the signals. The moment you notice any slight difference or unusual behavior, call AC repair Powder Springs, GA, as soon as possible.

Stress not, if you have no clue about the repairing signs. Take a stroll below and you will know everything about the common air conditioner repairing signs which will make you a pro in just a few minutes.

Sign 1 – AC is Blowing Warm Air

No matter how hard the temperature is outside, your air conditioner must do its job properly by keeping the place cool and comfortable. But if the AC is blowing warm air, then it is a serious matter which indicates that the system is going through trouble. It can mean the compressor is facing issues or the system may run low on refrigerant. It also indicates duct problem signaling to call for AC repair Powder Springs, GA.

Sign 2 – Little to No Air Flow

This is the obvious sign that the air conditioner is going through trouble. If you feel a weak airflow or no air coming from the vents, then it will not cool the room properly. This will very soon lead to an uncomfortable situation. The issue can be because of a duct or compressor problem, which can be confirmed by only the AC repair professionals.

Sign 3 – Strange or Unfamiliar Noise

If your air conditioner is giving out strange noises, then immediately schedule AC emergency services Powder Springs, GA. The air conditioner if facing troubles and issues can create different sounds. A few of the common sounds are as follows.

  • Clicking sound – It means that there may be an obstruction in the outdoor unit fan.
  • Gurgling or bubbling sound – The sound can be mostly caused by the condensate drain. It can either be a minor one or a major one like the refrigerant leak. Do not take any sound for a minor one, as it can take no time to present itself as the major one.
  • Banging or clanking sound – It means that the outdoor unit fan is hitting something or any screws must have loosened.
  • Squealing sound – It indicates that the fan belt is having a problem. If this problem is left for too long, then the damaged belt will eventually break. This will affect the operation of the system and will lead to a complete shutdown.
  • Metal screeching – This sound may come mostly from the outdoor unit. It is caused by the fan motor bearings that are going out of proportion. The repair will mostly require fan replacement.
  • Hissing or screaming sound – When the pressure builds up high in the system, then a hissing or screaming sound is created. This sound is the most dangerous of all the sounds, which requires immediate attention from professionals.

Sign 4 – Unpleasant Odor

The job of the air conditioner is to keep the house cool and comfortable. But if you are experiencing a bad and unpleasant smell coming from the AC, then know that there is something wrong with the system. It can be because of many issues like mold contamination or electrical issues. If you smell something musty, then it can be because of mold growth. And if you smell burning, then it is the sign that the electrical wiring is going through trouble.

Sign 5 – High Energy Bills

If the bills have suddenly spiked high, even if you have used the AC just like the normal times, then don’t blame the inmates, for the culprit is the air conditioning system. When there is a fault in the system, it will take up a high amount of energy, leading to high bills. So before blaming the inmates, get your air conditioner checked by professionals.

The air conditioners are a complex system that requires help only from experienced experts like the Dickerson Heating & Air. Therefore, if you notice any unusual signs, then without wasting any more time, get in touch with the AC experts or be ready to face the worst AC consequences. Call 678-210-8200 for more information.