What is a French Door?


Fans of sophisticated design aren’t likely to choose classic solid wood doors. Such models look beautiful, but they will not become a highlight of your interiors. To make your house look even better, You can view all french doors varieties at https://unitedporte.us/french-doors. The variety of their designs will captivate even the most demanding customers.

What is a French door? This model consists of many glass inserts. These can be large or small windows, separated by panels of wood or other material. So, your house will become much brighter, and you will create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. At the same time, you don’t need to turn on the light in your corridor or rooms – the sun’s rays will freely penetrate into the room, and you will save on electricity.

Design of French doors

For the first time, such a model was created in the 17th century in France. It was designed for homes that needed more light. The first doors resembled a window – glass made up most of the structure, so it became much lighter inside the buildings. Today, such products are often installed on patios and balconies.

This model is perfect for complementing various interior styles. What does a French door look like? The doors themselves are swing or sliding structures. If your room is small, you can choose a product with one sash. For wide doorways, two pieces will do well, but if you want the entire wall to let light through, you can install a solid large structure. Choose the required number of sashes, and the rest will resemble large windows that do not open.

Stylish doors in French style can also be installed on a balcony. In this case, you can watch what is happening outside without getting up from your favorite chair, even if you don’t live on the ground floor.

Home decoration can be different:

  • modern;
  • country style;
  • shabby chic.

French doors fit perfectly into any interior. Their design looks symmetrical and proportional. The beauty of the French type door will be visible even to the naked eye. Thin wood inserts in the middle of the glass surface, or vice versa, small glasses between the so-called wood grate, will be the best addition to your interior.

Standard size for French doors

The classic width of French doors is from 120 to 180 cm. If there is glass on the sides of the doorway, the structure increases to 300 cm. The height of the product is within 210 cm. With the increasing popularity of French doors, the scale of their production has also expanded. Today, designers offer a ton of options for the definition of a French door, the dimensions of which will be changed in accordance with the needs of the customer.

What affects the parameters of the product? This can be a change in the doorway in accordance with design ideas. If it is up to 245 cm in height, the door is made with similar parameters. In this case, both sliding and swing models will look appropriate.

One more important factor for manufacturers is that owners of various houses want French style doors. The structure can be installed both in a splendid penthouse and in a small country house. Therefore, the width of the models ranges from 45 cm to 300 cm. This allows us to offer a perfect solution for everyone who wants to diversify the interior of their home with a glass door.

When you contact the manufacturer, you should clarify whether they produce models with non-standard parameters. You will be offered the available options, and a measurer will be sent to you to clarify the dimensions of your door. This way you can define French doors with the desired parameters, which are perfect for your home.

Are French doors easy to break into?

Each owner thinks about both the beauty and safety of new doors. Many people think that the glass surface will not protect them against intruders and will quickly break. But this is not the case. French window doors have additional burglary protection.

Locks are made of stainless steel. They are securely fixed in the door rails, and the design does not allow deformation from impacts or attempts to drill. The locking cylinders are made of high quality materials, so you can safely leave your apartment unattended – it is under reliable protection.

The large area of ​​the locking surface is one of the main factors that manufacturers pay attention to. Multi-point locks are difficult to open, so French doors with similar mechanisms are perfect for country houses.

Where to order custom French doors in US?

At United Porte you can order a suitable model of an entrance door with an unusual design. To determine the meaning of the French door, it is worth looking at the photos posted on the site. Many examples of already installed structures will help you choose the best option that will look harmonious on the exterior of your house.

Do you need a balcony door? The French model is a great choice. You can easily increase the amount of light in your home without worrying about the privacy of your life. Such doors are often installed on the upper floors, due to which the room will be completely closed from prying eyes. You can also use opaque curtains so that the light in the room in the evening makes it impossible to see what is happening in the room.

If you need the maximum amount of sunlight, choose a door that is full width of your wall. In this case, sliding models are the best. They don’t take up useful space when they open, so they look great on a patio where you can relax after a hard day.

To speed up your choice of the size and design of the French door, please contact our managers. They will help you choose the best option. You will also find out the cost and main characteristics of the selected model.