Modern House Design Ideas Show Off Natural Decor and Lights Inside

modern interior designs for home
© MOPS Architecture Studio – Using natural elements for your home design will make your home looks fresh and cool. Moreover, if your residence can produce a natural light to make a good illumination during the day. Then, modern design also perfects that makes your home visible more trendy. MOPS Architecture team has an idea to create modern house design ideas which can show off a natural light and use a natural element to decorate the interior. How does the modern home interior design look like? Check this out!

Modern Living Room Design with Gray and White Color

The part of the living area must be adjusted with a modern concept also. The decoration and element that use inside can support the design itself. Then, a natural light is showing from the window that used in. For more details of interior home with a modern design here, you might see below.

modern white-living-room-design
modern-track-lighting and fireplace
modern-fireplace and wooden bookshelves
© MOPS Architecture Studio

How to design the living area?

Because the concept is modern, so the designer choosing and using the featured design, furniture, and decoration inside that related to a modern style. With an open area which not uses much of divider make this home looks wide. Paint the living room with a gray and white color which matching with the concept. Then, the part furniture that used inside is using a natural material such the TV set placement, bookshelves, and coffee table, they made from the wooden that can bring out a bit of modern look and natural impression. A fireplace also good to put as the decoration in this modern home interior design, especially for the living area.

Modern Kitchen and Dining Room Design with Unique Element

Then, to make your modern home design looks perfect, the kitchen and dining room also must be arranged with a modern style. To make it more interesting and awesome, add a unique and natural element like the furniture also the decoration that used in.

modern kitchen set design
creative-dining room with green chairs
modern kitchen barstools
© MOPS Architecture Studio

How to design the kitchen and dining room?

Between the dining room and kitchen area, both designs should appropriate with a modern idea that creates in this home. Therefore, a furniture and decoration that used for this space must represent to a modernity. Start from the furniture, gray cabinetry, wooden barstools, and modern chairs looks fabulous to using and completing the design. Then adjust a decoration surrounds with the unique pendant lights that hang from the ceiling and the artwork display that put on the shelve. A bit natural indoor plants on the vase also might bring a fresh impression to this design. Placement a big window to show off the natural light during the day.

Modern Bedroom Interior Design with Natural Element Decor

Then, a part of the bedroom, there also include a bathroom to make this modern house design ideas more perfect. This interior applies with a modern design which completes with a natural element also. For the bedroom, the natural ambiance will you feel in this room. Take a look how to design this room below.

gray modern bedroom-with-indoor-plants
© MOPS Architecture Studio
modern bedroom with natural light
© MOPS Architecture Studio

How to design the bedroom?

Modern style for this interior strengthens from the furniture and concept that used in. An open view concept will make your modern home interior design close to nature. A big window at the back of the bed also might help to bring out a natural light. With the furniture and natural decorations that put inside would beautify this room.

wooden floor for bathroom
© MOPS Architecture Studio
light-green-modern bathroom
© MOPS Architecture Studio

How to design the bathroom?

Then for the bathroom, the designer uses natural elements to arrange the space. To add a modern impression, a wooden and marble tile design is a suitable material to renovate the bathroom. Then, a white stone and natural plant will strengthen the natural concept for this space.

Let’s renovate your home by applying the modern house design ideas like the picture above!