When You Need to Get A/C Repair Leonard MI?


One of the essential appliances in the house is an air conditioner. It has to be preserved and maintained for better performance. A/C repair Leonard MI is quite normal because the air conditioners are used more often. House owners can solve some air conditioner repairs on their own but other repairs are not easy to fix so you must hire a technician for fixing the issue. Understanding the parts and working process of the air conditioner is essential to identify the cause of the air conditioning problem. So, in this article let us understand the cause of the common air conditioning problems and also the tips for fixing it on your own.

Starting issue of an air conditioner:

  • If the air conditioner is not turning on then you must first check the wire connection or the electrical components of the air conditioner.
  • Reset the circuit breaker to which the air conditioner is connected.
  • Check the working condition of the thermostat. If needed replace the battery and change the settings.
  • Clean the dust inside the unit which may block the operation of the system.

If the air conditioner is not starting even after following all the above steps, then call an HVAC professional for ac repair services Leonard MI.

Decrease in the flow of cool air:

If you notice that the room is not getting cool because of the decrease in the airflow then the main cause of this problem is ventilation obstruction. This is mainly because of the clogged air filters. Experts recommend replacing the air filters once in three months. The frequency for changing the air conditioner differs based on the type of air filter you are using for the air conditioner. If you miss this simple maintenance task then you must face major air conditioner repairs.

If you are not getting enough cool air from the air conditioner then you must register in the house is open and clean. The accumulation of debris in the outdoor unit also decreases the airflow. So, remove all the plants, trash around the outdoor unit. Refrigerant leakage can also create this problem. For this issue you must hire a technician for AC services Leonard MI since the refrigerant is hazardous and handling without proper safety precautions is not safe. If the unit is very old then replacing the air conditioner is the better and wise decision.

Short or long run cycle time:

If the air conditioner is running constantly then it will increase the monthly utility bills of the house at the same if it runs for less time then it makes the house members uncomfortable. If you are facing this type of problem then first ensure that the air is not escaping through the window, door or any other small holes. If you still face this problem then clean the condenser. Blocked condensers by dirt can also create this problem. Removing the dirt from the evaporator coil will also solve this problem. Even after doing all the above-mentioned cleaning activities if you are still facing this issue then contact the technician for fixing the issue. Regular AC service will prevent this type of air conditioner problem.

Leakage problem:

Leakage from the air conditioner is a warning sign for some major problems in the air conditioner. Both water leakage and coolant leakage are problematic and it must be fixed urgently to avoid failure of the whole unit. Water leakage because of filled drain pans and condensation may damage the other parts of the air conditioner which leads to costly repair or even the replacement of the air conditioner. Refrigerant leakage reduces the efficiency of the air conditioner and it also leads to frozen coil. For leakage problems, it is always good to hire an experienced technician for fixing the issue. Proper maintenance of the air conditioner will prevent the leakage issue.

Investing money in annual maintenance will save you from costly repairs. During annual maintenance, the trained and certified professional will diagnose the whole unit and identify the minor issue and fix it which is not possible if you are doing the maintenance on your own. Seasonal transitions are the right time for doing air conditioner service. Doing maintenance at the end of each season will increase the lifespan of the air conditioner and improve its performance also.

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