Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger


While a bigger kitchen is everyone’s dream, not every home that you move in will have it. That is not to say you have to take up costly kitchen renovations even when not ready. You can still get away with making the kitchen look bigger.

Here are some of the best ways to make the kitchen appear bigger.

1. Use painting to your advantage 

Painting is one of the easiest and least costly ways to make your kitchen appear bigger. Given the limited remodelling options for a smaller kitchen, painting allows you to achieve the bigger kitchen look as easily.

The first way to use paint is to let neutral colours like white take the center stage. The white paint increases the sense of space due to its light reflections. It also creates fewer boundaries on the ceilings, cabinetry and countertops. However, you might also want to introduce different textures of fabrics to avoid making the kitchen feel too white.

Painting the cabinets dark and creating an accent wall are other ways to use paint to make your kitchen appear bigger.

2. Introduce glass kitchen cabinet doors

The other way to make the kitchen appear is by lightening up the uppers, without having to necessarily change the whole storage. Replace the wooden cabinet doors with the glass kitchen cabinet doors for the needed lighting.

The glass cabinet door allows the eye to perceive past the cabinet frame hence an illusion of a bigger surface and thicker walls.

Remember you can only get it right with the right glass cabinet doors if you can keep everything inside the cabinet orderly and colour coordinated. The quality of the glass also matters. Use materials that are made to measure kitchen doors for the proper lighting and ambience.

3. Introduce cabinet lighting

There is only so much glass cabinet doors can do when it comes to lighting. In a small kitchen, the lighting is always limited. You can never rely on a single bulb on the ceiling for proper lighting. For a bigger kitchen look, install lighting above, under and inside the cabinet. The lighting eliminates the dark shadows that might make the space appear smaller.

If you are looking for a quick fix, but kitchen cabinets that come with the lighting fixed. Find the team that supply only kitchens cabinets with lighting that matches your needs.

4. Welcome natural light 

The way to have a bigger looking kitchen still revolves around lighting. In this case, you need to consider using natural lighting. While you might not have any say on the window size or placement, you can use what’s available to introduce more light in the kitchen. Reduce the placement on the windows to avoid blocking the natural light. You can also use blinders for privacy without blocking the light. An opaque shade also works perfectly for the lighting.

5. Plan the kitchen layout 

A smaller kitchen space needs to be planned meticulously such that you have enough storage space, countertop space for prepping and you can still move around. The planning helps you avoid any clutter in the room. Without the clutter and having all the space, the kitchen will appear bigger.