Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Granite Countertops


With kitchen renovations, granite countertops are a perfect addition. These countertops are some of the popular kitchen and bathroom materials for a durable and pristine finish. This unique and beautiful surface is durable and able to withstand spills. It is also heat and chip resistant. However, even with such qualities, you must avoid some common mistakes that may compromise the quality.

Choosing the wrong stone

For the durability and lifespan of the stone, you have to choose the right one. Take your time and research the countertop material available to provide whatever type you select befits you. Quartz and Granite are kitchen favorites because they are durable but may not work for other rooms. Find the kind that will withstand your daily need and while giving enough aesthetics.

Use of harmful cleaning agents

Some cleaning solutions and agents are harmful and could easily damage the sealant on the countertop. These are some solutions like bleach, vinegar, ammonia, and strong acids and alkalis. Instead, grab a soft washcloth, some soap, and warm water on your countertops. Your aim here is to keep the sealant on your Granite strong, which means avoiding harsh chemicals. Choose simple; it works better.

Not cleaning countertops frequently.

Mistakes can happen any time, and spills are inevitable, especially when it comes to bathrooms and kitchens. Even if you think the sealed countertops are strong enough, you have to keep them clean all the time by wiping them with soap and warm water. If the sealant is old, it may be broken, and that means spills could penetrate.

When cleaning, you have to blot the area with a paper towel instead of wiping. Then you rinse and dry with a dry cloth, and when it comes to consistently caring for kitchen countertops, you’ve to maintain cleanliness to ensure durability.

Ignoring the effect of heat

In a bustling kitchen, you could be tempted to put hot pans on granite countertops. While Granite can withstand some bit of heat, you don’t have to go testing its limit by placing a hot pan on it. The fact is that granite countertops from a good granite showroom in Denver are durable, but with exposure to too much heat, the surface could be stained. You can have some buffer like a table mat or something like a cloth, wooden coasters or rubber. That could take a second or two, but it pays a great deal.

Storing liquids on granite tops

Even when you have perfectly sealed granite top storing food containers and liquids or other items is ill-advised. Whatever is stored in bottles and placed in counters could leak, and that goes without noticing. These liquids, including cooking oils, shampoo, and perfume, can erode the sealant if the moisture is produced consistently. Therefore when it comes to those things, you should not put on granite countertops; avoid any liquid formulation.

Might you have made some of the mistakes highlighted above, it is not all lost. To take care of your granite countertops, you have to do a bit of research. With the proper knowledge, you could maintain them in perfect condition.