3 Common Home Repairs You Should Know How To Handle


Emergencies can happen in any situation, but most emergencies we deal with are ones in the home. Whether it’s a simple clogged toilet or a burst pipe, having any problems that arise are hard to deal with when your life is already riddled with uncertainty. If you are faced with emergency repairs you can get a personal loan with bad credit to cover the costs? Yes.

Here are three common home repairs and how to stay ahead of them!

1. The Dreaded Clogged Toilet

Believe it or not, look no further than your own toilet for the most common home repair problem. Clogged toilets are not a rare occurrence, and oftentimes, they are easily avoided. Never flush anything down your toilet that isn’t toilet paper. It really is that simple!

Unfortunately, many people flush down disinfectant wipes, tissues or towels as they are all paper products. The problem is, these all contribute to a serious clog in your septic system. They cause your toilet to overflow, shorten its lifespan, and require expensive repairs.

What happens if you accidentally clog your toilet? Make sure to call an emergency plumber to handle the repairs properly. While you wait for reinforcements to arrive, mop up water that your toilet may have leaked. Additionally, prevent extra water from flowing into the bowl by shutting off the water valve behind your toilet.

2. Pay Attention To Plumbing Pipes

Burst pipes are probably the second most common household problem next to clogged toilets. Usually, pipes burst for a variety of reasons, but the most common cause is due to extreme cold temperatures. Not only is it important to keep your pipes heated and insulated during the cold months, but also keep water flowing to prevent freezing. If you know that frozen pipes are an ongoing problem in your climate, get in touch with a trusted plumber to come up with a solution.

In case of an emergency as your water pipe has burst, you will need to shut off the complete water supply to your household. Usually, the main water valve is either located in your basement or out front near your property. If you’ve just moved in and aren’t sure where the shutoff valve is, find out before an emergency occurs and get acquainted with the setup. This way, you can act quickly and call an emergency plumber in the event of burst pipes.

3. The Common Furnace Malfunction

As the colder weather kicks into gear, chances are you crank up your thermostat to ensure temperatures stay nice and toasty. Of course, a furnace malfunction is a common occurrence that lends itself to serious bouts of anxiety. Fortunately, most times a furnace doesn’t work it may simply have a dirty filter.

If your filter is dirty, make sure to purchase a new one to replace it. If your furnace is still not turning on, a dead battery may be the culprit. It goes without saying that not all furnaces are directly linked to your home’s electricity, which is why a dead battery may cause a malfunction. If this did not solve your problem, make sure to contact a processional HVAC contractor to come and take a look!

An emergency in your home is stressful enough, but if you let your anxiety take control, things can end up getting worse. Knowing what to do in a worst case scenario enables you to handle any emergency situation tactfully. Keep a list of emergency contractors handy in case you need to call for help!