6 Varied Laser Levels for Different Uses


A laser level is used in almost every project of construction work or home remodeling. There are a variety of laser levels available in the market pertaining to different use. The people who don’t have any idea regarding the specific use of these different laser levels may get confused in their selection. So, today we have presented 6 different types of laser levels so that you can select the best one for your needs.

Automatic Levels

The automatic laser levels are chosen more often by people for the home construction and DIY projects. The degree of accuracy of these levels is very high. The beam projection that these automatic levels do provides very high accurate results. These type of levels are easy to set up and use for all kind of construction work and also in interior design.

Outdoor Use Levels


For outdoor projects, different types of levels are used because of the light differences. The levels that produce a very low beam is not suitable for outdoor projects as the sunlight will make the beam ineffective. It is very important to choose that type of level which produces a much brighter beam even effective in the sunlight for the outdoor use.

Torpedo Levels

These are another type of levels which are hard to beat in terms of accuracy. These best rotary laser levels are very accurate to one-fourth inch at a distance of one hundred feet also.

Interior Levels


These type of interior laser levels are designed in a way that they produce less powerful light beams and are typically smaller in size. These type of levels are used for indoor projects and their dim light is very effective in a small space like a house or basement. Some of the interior levels have the power to project the beams very strongly in the sunlight. Before you buy these levels, make sure you carefully read the descriptions provided by the manufacturers as all the interior laser levels don’t have the capacity to work out of doors in the bright and harsh sunlight.

Pipe Levels

These type of levels are primarily used for the work where a pipe is to be installed in a variety of grades. These levels offer great use in conditions such as higher vibrations and wet and damp conditions. There are some projects which are subject to destruction to the pipe laying through the underground elements such as salts, acids, chemicals and that’s why these pipe levels are constructed of materials that don’t get corroded.

Plumbbob Levels

These are the different type of laser levels called the plumbbob levels that include the emission of two beams. One beam is projected downwards and one beam is projected upwards. There is a single button in some models to project the beam. Most models have the feature of self-leveling. Some models offer special housing that is designed for construction sites to maintain accurate calibrations. There are magnets available inside some of the models that keep the laser held to the metal pipe. There are features available in some models that make the work easier for the installer to locate the center of the beam by the provision of a beam having cross-hair pattern.

Select the appropriate one after reading the laser level review’s guide and fulfill your needs!