What Is The Best Way To Dry Out a Crawl Space?


Roohome.com – Keeping your home’s crawl space dry is important in case you like to maintain a healthy and clean home. However, how to maintain and keep the crawl space that is the question. If you are searching for the best ways to keep your home’s crawl space dry and clean then you have come to the right place. Here we are discussing some of the best ways to dry the crawl space and also providing tips so that you can keep your home’s crawl space moisture-free.

Keep reading this article to find out the best ways to dry out your home’s crawl space quickly. Below, we have mentioned three simple and easy steps to clean and dry out your home’s crawl space. Following these steps, you can clean and dry out your home’s crawl space all by yourself. You will not have to hire an expert for the job.

So, let’s now check out the steps below…

Ways To Dry Out a Crawl Space Quickly

Here is a step-by-step instruction to dry out your home’s crawl space quickly and also ways to keep it dry and clean. Following these steps, you can do the job in a few hours only.

First Step

At first, remove all the wet materials and debris from your home’s crawl space. Skipping this step is not recommended as skipping it will let the dry-out process more difficult for you, will take more time, and also be more unsafe.

Don’t attempt to “dry off” damp or wet or suspicious fiberglass crawl space padding. Just take it away and remove it. But do not shield the crawl space yet. There’s more sealing, cleaning, and drying work required.

We are suggesting you clean the area first because it will help you to get rid of junk, insulation, debris, etc from the crawl space.

After taking out the wet materials and debris clean out the mold and mildew there if any

Later, when your home’s crawl space has been dried out you might also consider sealing and sanitize your home’s crawl space for better effect. But not now! Do this after finishing all the steps. However you  can learn more over here.

Second Step

Take away standing water in your home’s crawl space. This procedure can go on abound at the same time with debris elimination.

Depending on your home’s crawl space floor’s surface shape you may have to use 1 or more moveable sump pumps. Try to pick a type of sump pump that takes away water from the wet “floor” surface quickly yet completely.

In case your home’s crawl space floor is flat or is drained to a single low point direction, only a single sump pump will be adequate for the job.

But in case there are noteworthy puddles or numerous low areas in your home’s crawl space, use more than one portable sump pumps to take away that standing water there.

Third Step

Take away moisture from your home’s crawl space surfaces and materials. This means to dry off subfloor overhead, wood framing, and of course your home’s crawl space floor surface.

The amount at which the dehumidifier takes away standing water from the crawl space air be subject to the extent of the unit (it means how much water it can take from the air each hour) which sequentially be contingent on the ambient temperatures, the cooling volume of the dehumidifier, the dampness in ambient air, as well as the rate at which humid air moves from that dehumidified area to and over the unit.

By insertion of multiple fans everywhere in your home’s crawl space you can rise airflow across damp surfaces such as crawl space ceiling, walls, floor, etc).

Attach the dehumidifier output straight to the floor drain or straight the output outdoor of the house to a place at least 10ft. away as well as where water will remain to drain away from the house. Noticeably in freezing weather, you will need to straight dehumidifier output to an inside drain.

Utilize a sump pump as well as plastic tubing in case your dehumidifier doesn’t include a lift itself and a pump drainage system.


Obviously, everybody desires to keep the crawl space dry and clean for a healthy atmosphere. And there’re several ways to do so, as we’ve seen above. However, sometimes things take place and let your home’s crawl space get wet, moist, or even damp. In case that occurs, these three steps above will similarly help you remove the dampness and get it back to being as clean and dry as possible. In that way, the crawl space will be clean and healthy as well as your home will be as fresh as possible.