Transform Any Building into Your Dream Home with Us


So you have finally decided to make it happen, believe us, it is a worth to try. People usually delay it and try to escape from any renovation or rebuild since it’s time-consuming, expensive and messy.  Those early days are gone when one had to go from corner to corner before meeting an impressive design. Now it’s all available on the internet. Mostly clients here in Melbourne, roam around the various sites and make a comparative analysis with all the services providers in this field. But here at 5jbuilding Group, we suggest you not to be fooled with the doctrine images, we suggest you to have a visit of our previous projects and see our works. Visit us, and please ask something more? Here at 5jbuilding Group, you cannot fed up us with any or many of your queries.  Kitchen and bathroom renovation in Melbourne is our specialty.

Bad weather or any unfortunate accident can cause sufficient damage to your loving house so to attain its former glory you need an extra ordinary touch from 5jbuilding Group. We provide the best renovation and rebuild services for your house at competitive cost in Melbourne. Your romantic home can become a haunted building of a horror show without proper renovation. And renovation is not just about the attractive look or view but also a matter of concern for your safety and security.

We have talented designers and workers to make most out of the place that you have as your bathroom. We provide you the best bathroom renovation in Melbourne because that’s the place where one cannot compromise at any cost. But you know it is not just your favorite place but a favorite place for the termites as well because of the moisture. The second place where you need us is the cooking place. A kitchen can be another difficult place to organize. An extra window, a heat pump or added insulation, any small innovation can decrease the energy cost. Our kitchen renovation in Melbourne is a revolution, tried and tested for years. We provide you the most innovative ideas and models so that your kitchen can become easy functioning, comfortable and attractive as well. We are famous for the kitchen renovation in Melbourne. The Kitchen is undoubtedly the most important and expensive place in your house since it is directly associated with your health.

Renovation and rebuilding can add some more value to your old house. So if you are planning to sell it, please consult us first. We can add some extra value to your old house. Along with an extra value, comfort and safety are the two other factors and reasons for the renovation.  We can help you to add more functions to your small place with our ideas.