4 Reasons Your House Doesn’t Feel Clean


Do you have a 1 bhk flat in Noida? We have all been there. We had just finished cleaning the room and it still just feels dirty and you just cannot put your finger on it- what is it exactly that is off the mark. And it gets even more frustrating if you’ve got guests coming over and you can’t figure out what to do.

Here are a few surprising reasons your house isn’t clean and is causing that headache. We also have some House cleaning Tips for you. Here are Important Reasons To Keep Your House Clean –

Reasons to Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

  • Clutter

Your house can be cleaned but it might still be untidy. If your desk is cluttered then no matter how much you clean the dust off it, it will still feel unclean. So in times like these, you can take the advice of Marie Kondo and declutter your house. If you’re not keen on completely removing some things from your house then just put them out of sight. If they are decorative pieces, then keep the ones that “spark joy” and match with your design theme of the room. Only keep the essentials out and stash everything else in your cupboards.

  • Unfinished home maintenance

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to fix that ripped wallpaper or the chipped sunmica. But it takes longer than usual cleaning and if you’re a perfectionist like me, then you probably just procrastinate till you’re sure you can fix it with utmost perfection like that rip didn’t even ever exist. However, these things make your house look unclean too. They give an unfinished and irresponsible feel to the house. So you can just one day make a list of things that need to be repaired and get yourself motivated to fix it, or call for professional help if it is required. Once it is all done, you will be able to notice the difference it will make! It is one of the Important Reasons To Keep Your House Clean.

  • Untidy furnishings

You just finished deep cleaning your house. You cleaned the sofa even under the cushions. You dusted the rugs and washed the bedsheets. But in a rush to get things finished, we tend to forget to put these things back into place. So it would be suggested to include the process of putting these things back into their place in your cleaning regime as well! Just take a couple of minutes to put those cushions back in their usual arrangement on the sofa and straighten the curtains. Make your bed every morning to give a neat look to your room.

  • Obstructed light and ventilation

This is one of the Eye Opening Reasons Your Home Still Doesn’t Look Clean . Despite cleaning, lighting plays an important role in interior design. Shadows or ill-lit spaces will give your house an untidy look. In order to keep that from happening, keep the windows clear and clean them from inside as well as outside. Make sure you regularly clean the lighting fixtures of your house as well! Once you’ve cleaned up, you should also keep in mind the lingering smells in the house too. Keep the dirty laundry in a laundry bag and don’t leave dirty dishes or the kitchen waste just like that! The rainy season can be a nightmare so you can use a good air freshener that will brighten up the room.

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Now you know the reasons Why Your Home Doesn’t Quite Feel Clean. Your house still looks dirty and how to fix it! These are the best House Cleaning tips. Just remember that a decluttered and tidy space not just feels clean, but it’s actually easier to clean too!