Simple Korean Style Apartment

1361 – As we know, right now, things that smell about Korea are being sought after by many people, especially women. Starting from food, fashion, music, movies, even the dramas. In fact, they did not hesitate to apply things about Korea in their lives. One of them is Korean style residence.

Often, we see where the scene is inside a simple but comfortable apartment. This is that sometimes makes us want to have an apartment like in dramas. It turns out, not hard to have a simple Korean style apartment. And here, we have provided the best tips that you can follow to have a Simple Korean Style Apartment. So, let’s check it out!

1. Only Use Furniture That is Needed

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The first step that you can apply to have a Korean style apartment is only using furniture is needed; bed, couch or chairs, table. By using the furniture is needed also make the apartment not stuffy. It will affect the comfort of your apartment. And the important thing is you can save your money a lot.

2. Wooden Furniture

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The impression presented by Korean style apartment is warm and comfortable. This is because of the Korean style apartment applying wood for their interior design. This style chooses wooden furniture, such as wooden-bed cases, tables, etc.

The wood used is light wood in order to keep the apartment look bright.

3. Place The Bed Beside The Window

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The important step to make your apartment look comfortable like the apartment in Korean dramas is you have to place the bed beside the window. It could also make you feel comfortable in your apartment all day.

You can enjoy the outside view from above. It will be greater at night. See the lights in the dark of the night.

4. Put The Rug

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The other thing that makes the simple Korean style apartment feel warm and comfortable because of placing the rug there. Adjust the rug to the size of the apartment. Do not use the rug to cover the entire surface of the floor. You can use the medium size and put it under the bed. In addition, this can also be a barrier in your apartment.

5. Add A Simple Plant Inside.

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Did you think that the look of the Korean apartment is sweet? It looks sweet because of the slight green color produced by plants. If you want to have a Korean style apartment, you can add a simple plant inside.

The green of color plants can also relax you and make the air in your apartment fresh. Try to place the plant in a place exposed to sunlight so that the plants longevity.

6. Use Basic Colors

私だけの素敵なお部屋を作ろう!参考にしたい一人暮らしのおしゃれなインテリア | folk

The reason why the Korean style apartment always looks aesthetic when in dramas is because Korean style apartments use basic colors like white and beige. In addition, the combination of these colors makes the apartment looks sweet and feel comfortable.


To have a beautiful and comfortable Simple Korean Style Apartment you can follow the tips above. You do not need the troublesome ways to have this. Besides, to keep your apartment look beautiful you have to clean your apartment regularly.