11 Ways to Make Your Old Bathroom Look New Again


The coronavirus pandemic brought remodeling activities to a standstill worldwide, but we can observe homeowners resuming renovation projects in 2021. With over $350 billion invested in our national domestic restoration industry, people search for alternative methods to restructure their dilapidated dwellings. Experts have estimated that kitchens/bathrooms are the most expensive portions in your house to renovate. So, how much does a bathroom remodeling cost? It costs average Americans nearly $11,000 to renovate their bathrooms – only $6,500 if it’s a small one! That’s why people prefer a few affordable techniques to get on with bathroom modifications, some of which we’ll mention here.

1. Declutter Your Bathroom

Don’t start redecorating your bathroom without decluttering it and making some space for all those renovations you’ve planned. Are there loads of bottles that have been emptied eons ago? It’s time for you to throw this clutter away. Don’t keep hoarding those skincare and hair-related products you’ve been preserving since your last summer. Try to recycle stuff or donate it for decluttering the place.

2. Begin with Repairs

After the clutter has been dealt with, it’s time to begin remodeling the bathroom. Repairs must lead the renovation project, we insist. Update the fixtures and replace broken/damaged stuff to make your bathroom newer and safer! Call some experts to restore the place if you don’t know what to do when your bathroom’s flooded. Contact professionals to change your sink, deal with rough mirrors, and repair broken wall/floor marbles. Resume other projects after these repairs!

3. Put up Some Mirrors

The classic image of an American bathroom always involves mirrors furnishing the restroom. We can claim that bathrooms aren’t complete without looking-glasses reflecting your likeness from different angles. But – most importantly – mirrors make the place look bigger. No wonder hotel rooms make efficient utilization of this trick with guests. Now, you don’t have to put up life-size mirrors inside the bathroom. You can purchase frameless pivoting/tilting mirrors from Amazon for less than $100.

 4. Get a New Rug/Mat

Just putting new rugs/mats in your bathroom will contribute heavily to the remodeling process. You can wash the old ones and purchase some new ones to furnish the restroom’s floor. There are many bath mats in many varieties and colors you can find to enhance the bathroom’s visual appeal. It’s even more artistic to get your hands on those Oriental-looking Moroccan rugs since they’re durable and excellent choices for a well-ventilated restroom. A mat can renew the place cost-effectively.

5. Paint the Whole Thing

Nothing gives the bathroom’s façade a fresher appeal than repainting the insides. Perhaps giving it another coat of paint will change the appearance of your ages-old bathroom. Experts recommend painting your bathroom every three to four years for redecorations and updated fixtures. We know that bathrooms are subject to moisture build-ups – especially after heavy rainfalls – thus, repainting them prevents liquids from tearing at your walls. And this is a renovation project you can do DIY!

6. Update These Tiles

Have you ever come across a situation where you grow hating those discolored bathroom tiles? Homeowners pursue bathroom remodeling projects for several reasons, including worn-out tiles that make the restroom feel outdated. There’s no need to re-tile the bathroom when you can paint over them or utilize peel-and-stick ones. These options are doable, affordable, and give the place a fresh façade. So, you can kiss those avocado tiles goodbye and get yourself a decent-looking bathroom.

7. Change the Scent Inside

A bathroom makeover isn’t complete without bringing in some fresh scents. You can always replace your soaps/shampoos to change the fragrance inside your bathroom. So, don’t put up with those Christmas-scented soaps after the holiday’s passed; instead, keep changing these products to make your bathroom appear renewed constantly. Try scented candles to enhance the atmosphere inside the place. How about some herbal soaps or fruity-flavored skincare products for a different smell?

8. Open a New Door

While we’re talking about remodeling your bathroom in a budget-friendly manner, what if you try to open some new doors? Yes, glass shower doors aren’t cheap, and they may even cost you a fortune! But you can always install some affordable and glamorous hook-less curtains to furnish the façade of your bathroom. Hence – while you’re taking a cold shower after working out – leaving these curtains open will automatically widen the bathroom space. It’s a non-laborious way to renew the place.

9. Make it Look Green

You rarely see bathrooms filled with plants when adding some greenery to the place where you take a shower seems essential enough! It can revive an ancient-looking restroom and makes the place look visually appealing. If you hate taking care of plants, try bringing some cacti or foliage like eucalyptus that require less water. Your bathroom will smell fine without much effort. This trick works for almost every part of your house while you’re redecorating to improve its aesthetics.

10. Get a Medical Cabinet

We’ve deliberately discussed this one by the end since getting a cabinet (medical or otherwise) isn’t cheap! Adding utility to your bathroom by installing some cabinets constitutes one of the most expensive renovation projects – experts opine. So, we don’t necessarily recommend adding another cabinet. Instead, you can revive already-existing mirrored cabinets by adding a picture frame. You can also store your medicines on shelves instead of cabinets which seems more subtle and graceful.

11. Add a Wallpaper

Finally, one of the most cost-effective methods to refurnish your restroom involves adding another wallpaper (if you haven’t put one up already). Also, getting a beautiful backsplash for the bathroom adds more to its appeal. You can find several vanity backsplashes/wallpapers for your bathroom and your kitchen on the internet. It isn’t difficult finding one that’s affordable and aesthetically pleasing at the same time. So, here we end our list of cost-effective methods to remodel your bathroom!


How often should you consider upgrading your bathroom? Experts propose remodeling your bathroom every four to five years. Since colors start fading when half a decade’s passed, fixtures begin to get worn off, and the aesthetics of your bathroom become sickening! No wonder around 50% of Americans plan to renovate their residences this year. Statistics have also revealed that some 70% of Americans believe in completely upgrading their bathrooms in 2021. You can implement some cost-effective renovations to make the bathroom resonate with your personality. Therefore, try the tricks mentioned above to get the bathroom feeling clean, fresh, and comfortable. You can keep it simple but elegant at the same time!