Vinyl Floors: What They are and Why to Get Them


The floor of a house has a significant effect on the impression the house makes as well as the general personality or even tone of the space. For example, floors have the potential of making a house feel:

  • Warm ·    Big
  • Small ·    Intimate
  • Cosy ·   Cool
  • Luxurious

On top of that, the floor also affects house safety since floor type and quality can increase or reduce the chances of slipping and falling.

There are many different styles of flooring, one of which is vinyl sheet flooring. Singapore is home to some of the leading vinyl sheet flooring suppliers in the region.

Defining vinyl flooring

Vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore is a type of floor product made of vinyl, a material which is composed of layers of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic and fibreglass. Vinyl flooring tiles often come in either of two formats: sheets, planks, or Herringbone.

Vinyl floors are designed to imitate ceramic tiles, stone, and natural wood tiles.

Benefits of vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore

Installing vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore comes with many benefits for homeowners:

They are easy to install

Vinyl floors are relatively easy to install. However, it all depends on a wide range of factors including the skill of the floorer as well as the quality of the floor preparation done. It is advisable to ensure that the floor is:

  • Clean and free of dust and other particles
  • Dry
  • Even
  • Free of cracks and holes

Easy installation means that it is possible for one to lay vinyl floors as part of a do-it-yourself project.

Vinyl floors are durable

Some types of floors have a short life span and require constant redoing. This is not the case for vinyl flooring. In fact, vinyl floors can last as long as 25 years. However, the durability of vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore also depends on the quality of the tiles and the quality of the vinyl floor installation. Better quality and top notch installation improves the floor durability.

Wide range of designs and colours

Generally, vinyl floors in Singapore come in a wide range of types and designs/colours. For example, home owners may choose between types such as:

  • Woven vinyl
  • Engineered vinyl flooring
  • Eco-resilient flooring tiles
  • Korean eco-protect resilient flooring

Some of the available vinyl floor design/colour options include:

  • Amber oak ·     Cove oak
  • Denali light grey ·     Oakmont timber
  • Ivory oak ·     Maple
  • Mineral gray ·     Pearl
  • Night terrazzo

In summary, there is a diverse range of vinyl flooring to suit the individual preferences of homeowners.

Vinyl flooring is waterproof

Singapore is a coastal nation that also experiences a lot of rainfall. On top of that, floors are also subjected to regular cleaning which involves the use of water. Unfortunately, exposure to water has the potential to spoil the quality of a floor and even damage the integrity of a house.

Vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore is waterproof due to the base material, PVC. This means that vinyl floors can help to protect the interior from water related damage. Nonetheless, it all depends on the quality of the vinyl sheets/planks and the quality of installation.

Vinyl floors are often anti-stain and non-slip

Vinyl floors are commonly advertised as having anti-stain and non-slip properties. For homeowners, this means that it is relatively easier to clean vinyl floors. On top of that, the non-slip nature of vinyl floors enhances safety within the house since it minimizes the risk of users falling.

Vinyl floors are eco-friendly

Vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore may also have the benefit of eco-friendliness. For example, some vinyl flooring types produce very small amounts of volatile organic compounds and use non-phthalate technology which improves indoor air quality.

Some vinyl flooring options may also contain antibacterial properties which have the effect of preventing nasty smells due to bacterial and fungal growths.

Other types of vinyl flooring such as engineered vinyl flooring are fully recyclable.

Are they worth it?

Vinyl sheet flooring in Singapore provides all these benefits while remaining relatively more affordable than other flooring methods such as natural wood and ceramic tiles. So, yes, it is worth it.