African Savannah in Your Home: Interior Ideas


Do you want to enliven the indoor design of your apartment or your house? The choice of African style will help to create a lively and cozy design for your apartment. The style is portrayed by such components: warm and profound tones, regular materials, ethnic indoor things. When decorating an apartment or room in a similar style, the main thing is not to overdo it with colorful things and their piling up. In this case, your apartment will turn into African chaos.

Distinctive design features

Naturally, a lot of various people groups and clans live on the region of this landmass. The culture of each people group is unique in its distinctive features and characteristics. Nonetheless, when planning a flat in such a style, you can adopt various elements. To embody a beautiful style, it is necessary to put together some distinctive features that would look harmonious and not get carried away by the details of the cultures of each people group. Like All About Vibe provides a great way to create personalized pillows. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about Africa is bright colors; fittings made of natural materials, distinguished by their simplicity. The second is the animals living on this continent. In your interior, you can use decorative pillows and textiles depicting animals living in the savannah.

Color emphasis

First of all, the prevailing shades of this style are characterized by their warm tones commonly found in picturesque landscapes. These are generally variations of coffee color from bright to dim. Shades that will help highlight some parts of the interior can be red, black or gold. For small rooms, gentle warm colors are the best choice that won’t darken the space. Tints like golden and nectar will look extraordinary. To add lightness to the room, you can use a gentle blue or turquoise color.

Wall finish

When you start decorating the walls in the selected room, it is worth remembering that above all it is important to pay attention to the color and texture. The basic choice can fall on the reed texture. If this option does not suit you, then you can opt for a photo wallpaper depicting African landscapes or animals in their natural habitat. In order not to oversaturate the room with images of animals, it is worth decorating some fragments of the walls with beige or sand-colored wallpaper. Small sections of the walls can be decorated with traditional ornaments or cave paintings.

Floor covering

If you want to achieve maximum identity with the African culture, then choose natural stone or ceramic granite. The color arrangement for the floor should be combined with the design of the walls so as not to stand out from the overall picture. If you live in an area with a cold climate, then you should take care of installing an under-floor heating, or buy woolen carpets or carpets made like animal skins. For a private house, stone is an ideal choice, and for flats, you can give preference to parquet flooring. Regular bamboo is likewise a magnificent material for finishing dividers as well as walls. Otherwise, you can utilize different impersonations. Choosing one of these floor coverings will not cost you a pretty penny.

Ceiling garnish

The simplest choice for adorning this part of the room is the typical white or mortar of white, smooth, beige. This choice will apply to anything that will be placed in the room.

If you live in a country house and have a lot of space, then consider installing fancy dark timber beams. Do not rush to install jesting beams made of smooth wooden blocks, machine-cut timberg will look brighter and more spectacular in your interior.

Materials and furniture

Due to the fact that this style is characterized by the use of natural materials, you should understand that artificial materials will spoil the spirit of Africa in your interior. If all else fails, good quality replication can be utilized.

This style is not characterized by sophisticated details and perfect lines. Therefore, do not try to make everything perfectly smooth. Small rough edges will give your design an ethnic look.

Some pieces of furniture can be adorned with classic ornaments. The interior will be ideal if you place wicker drawers, tables or small stands in the room. Living room fittings should be made of natural material or leather look. If the room is small, then do not rush to pile it up with heavy and massive furniture. In this case, you will further reduce the space. To avoid this, give preference to compact furniture. Place wicker sofas and armchairs on the veranda or loggia of your home. To make them soft and cozy, buy decorative pillows and warm throw blankets. Designer elephant throw pillows can be found on this page. For fun, you can make a custom human pillow to enliven your animal design.

Materials and stylistic layout

African design is characterized by the use of traditional ethnic ornaments. Such patterns can decorate your furniture, curtains, bedding, carpets and much more. Various decor items such as bamboo curtains, amulets, ivory ornaments, and bright feathers will modify your interior.

Living room design

The spacious living room is the perfect place to embody African style. In such a room, it is appropriate to use pieces of furniture made of natural wood in dark colors. On the off chance that the lounge is utilized as a dining area, a huge table made of dim wood will effectively squeeze into the perfect image. You can decorate such a room with ritual masks, animal figurines, living plants and feather ornaments.

Kitchen decoration

The kitchen must first of all accommodate functional appliances. Such a room can only be decorated with ethnic decorative dishes and kitchen utensils. The most important thing is to choose coverings that are resistant to high temperatures and humidity. Kitchen panels can be made of material that is coated with impermeable treatment.

Bedroom interior

The bedroom is a place of peace and tranquility. Therefore, opt for lighter and softer colors. The central place in the room is the bed. To match the style, you can simply make a podium with a mattress, or install a four-poster bed made of lightweight fabrics.