5 Signs You have Chosen a Wrong Water Purifier for Your Kitchen


Water is essential for each one of us for our survival and well-being. But in today’s world safe drinking water is a luxury that many can’t afford. Also, the quality of water is not the same everywhere. You will find variations in the terms of salinity, TDS, odour, taste etc.

Thanks to the water purifiers, safe drinking water is now accessible to large sections of our society. But there are various types of water purifiers available in the market today and it is not uncommon to see people buying the wrong water purifiers for their kitchen.

In this article, we are going to list out 5 main indicators which help you determine whether you have bought the right water purifier or not.

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Let’s start:

1. TDS

TDS means total dissolved solids. Water is an excellent solvent and when it reaches your home after running through different storage tanks and pipes.

It can pick up all kinds of microbes and particulate matter if they are not properly cleaned and sanitized. So, the first thing you should do is to contact your local water provider to know the TDS level before buying.

If you purchase a water purifier prior to knowing the TDS levels of your water, it is highly likely that you have made the wrong choice.

Because there are many types of solubles present in the water and if they exceed the filtration capacity of your water purifier then you will not be drinking safe water.

2. Odour & Taste

Pure water is odourless, colourless and tasteless. If you smell any odour then the only filtration will not do the job, you need an activated carbon filter and UV filter.

An activated carbon filter and UV filter helps in removing pathogens, bacteria and other particulates which may be causing a bad odour in your water. If you hadn’t checked out these features when buying a water purification system, then you have made a mistake.

The same goes for the taste. If your TDS filter has removed all of the minerals, then your water will be tasteless which is good.

But we have become habitual to a certain level of sweetness in water which comes from the presence of micronutrients in the water that is also helpful for the body.

So, if you have purchased a water purifier that has just the TDS filter and not the mineralizer then you may have made a bad choice.

3. Presence of microbes  & minerals

Every area drinking water differs because of the variations in the number of dissolved particles, bacteria, viruses, minerals etc. So it becomes very important to know the composition of water which you are getting.

If you haven’t done it prior to buying a water purifier then you have already committed your first mistake. Your second mistake can be the absence of a UV and UF filter and RO filter if your water contains a high number of pathogens in it.

Similarly, a mineralised is also needed to boost up the water mineral levels. So, if you haven’t checked up on this feature while you were buying then sadly you have made a big mistake.

4. After-sales service and parts

What happens if your water purifier stops functioning or is giving out impure water? The only thing which you can do is to call the customer service or your local repairman.

But they will take some time to come and as we all know that water level in our body needs to be replenished in 2-3 hours regularly.

Another point to note is the availability of parts. So, if you hadn’t checked the service network, water tank capacity, availability of spare parts beforehand then you have committed a mistake.

5. Technologies like UV, Carbon filters, Mineralisers,  UF etc.

As our water is getting increasingly polluted day by day, new technologies are also coming up regularly to keep our drinking water safe. The quality of water also depends on the region where you live in.

Technologies like RO, UV, UF, TDS filter, Activated carbon filters (pre and post), Mineralizer becomes essential if you live in a big metropolitan city but if you live in a rural area, then you can skip some of these according to the state of water.


So if you haven’t taken into notice the place you live in, where is your water coming from, is it filtered or not and bought a water purifier then we are afraid that you may pick the wrong purifier for your kitchen.

Water is essential for our survival and a water purifier although small in size but its impact is very big in our households. Whenever you think of buying a water purifier, please make sure to go through all the checkpoints which we have listed above.