19 Stylish Teen Room Ideas That are Full of Personality


roohome.com – A private room or bedroom will be more comfortable if it is related to the owner’s personality. For teenagers, changing desires is something that must be considered when decorating their bedrooms. Some may still retain or not want to leave behind their childhood traits. Or, some also like the look of a more mature room. However, the most important thing is how to decorate the teen room so that it still has a strong character but still blends with the interior of the house. Therefore, stylish teen room ideas are really needed.

Have a good discussion about their ideas before completely changing or decorating their bedroom overall. Due to their nature which may change over time, we recommend using flexible furniture or decorations.

There are plenty of teen room ideas. But, we have summarized it in 19 Stylish Teen Room Ideas That are Full of Personality.

1. Enchanting Wall Decoration

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The first of 19 Stylish Teen Room Ideas That are Full of Personality is an enchanting wall decoration. The bedroom atmosphere seems more cloudless and aesthetic with its full appearance. However, this does not leave a feeling of tightness and cramping due to the minimized use of furniture.

The floating wall shelves in the bed area provide storage for books and several other items. Right in the bottom area, several stickers and postcards are attached beautifully.

The impression of teenagers who like music can be clearly seen from the vinyl records that decorate the top of the wall. It would be good if you could show off your favorite guitar on the wall.

2. Play Up Neutrals

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Calm, warm, and clean is a reflection of this bedroom. The play on gray with different shades creates an interesting appearance, especially on the walls. It looks like a simple accent that is comfortable for the eye. With several displays hanging there, this spot looks even more standing out in the bedroom.

Soft white, black, and maximum natural lighting emphasize the natural or neutral impression in the bedroom. Also, the materials used in this room also influence the appearance. Wood and fabric materials are the best combo.

3. Bring The Accent to The Bed Area

bed accent
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The bedroom looks simple with soft white as the main color and black as an accent. Installing and placing furniture is focused on the sides of the room, creating a cleaner and more spacious impression. Even so, the teen room is still stylish with attractive accents on the bed.

The area under the bed has an LED light with yellow lighting. It brings warmth and tranquility to the sleeping area. And, even though this decoration is very simple, as the main item in the bedroom, LED really stands out and changes the appearance drastically.

4. Cute Character in Several Spots

cute teen room ideas
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This bedroom for girls has a cute, calm, and simple impression. White dominates, making the appearance neutral. Also, pastel colors become more vibrant. The cute appearance comes from cute characters. Besides beautifying it, it also enlivens the room very well without disturbing the simple and calm impression of the bedroom.

With consistent application, starting from the floor, the bed, to the workspace and table area, a cute impression dominates the bedroom. The cat rug shape on the floor and BT21 pattern for bedding look great. The color is balanced and matches the interior.

5. Present Boho Style

boho style
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Indie and aesthetic are very popular lately among teenagers. So, decorating their room with a Bohemian touch is the perfect idea. It does not always have to be bright, the bedroom can also be made more shady with dominant gray colors. And, lighting only relies on yellow light from the string light and candles in the lanterns.

The combination with modern design makes the bedroom look attractive. The appearance already looks smoother and minimalist. But, Boho is still strong in the room with white and black dream catchers covering one side of the bedroom wall.

Bedding with a striped pattern saves this boho bedroom from looking too simple and boring. There is also a touch of green plants on the floating wall shelves which provides a little freshness.

6. Bunkbed to Save More Space

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A bunkbed is a perfect solution for a small bedroom. The upper area is a comfortable bed and the lower area is a workspace. With the right lighting, the bunkbed area looks more beautiful. Small plants also become decorations that enliven the workspace. The green color brings a fresh feel to the bedroom. And, with consistent yellow lighting, a calm and warm atmosphere is created in the workspace, increasing focus when studying or working.

In this bedroom, the fresh feel is maximized. Fresh green plants are not only in the carrying area. Right beside the bunk, there hangs a small plant that decorates the upper area of the room.

7. All Goes White

white teen room ideas
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White as the main color really saves a small bedroom. This color successfully covers dark and stiff corners, giving a wide effect. And, maximum sunlight is an aid that helps white to provide a bright, lively, and spacious effect.

A neutral appearance is a bonus that is not wasted. The black color, texture, and simple pattern enliven the room very well. String lights on the wall provide a smooth, calm, and warm effect that increases the comfort and stylish appearance of the teen bedroom.

8. Studio Ghibli Decorating The Workspace

workspace decor
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The soft white color and the light wood create a natural appearance. Plus there are small plants on the floating shelves whose leaves stretch down. Its small and simple appearance is very suitable for the workspace.

Even though it is simple, the workspace does not seem stiff. On the contrary, it looks so cute with the Totoro doll on the chair. Studio Ghibli really fills the workspace area well. The wallpaper of the monitor is Kaonashi in Spirited Away. Also, there is a miniature of Kodama from Princess Mononoke which is displayed on the work desk.

9. Playing with Pastel Colors

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Playing with pastel colors is the next of 19 Stylish Teen Room Ideas That are Full of Personality. Pastel colors emphasize calm and sophistication in the appearance. Several pastel colors such as pastel blue and pastel orange bring cloudless nuance into the bedroom. So, even if the bedroom is made minimalist or simple, the atmosphere or appearance will not be boring.

The important key to playing pastel colors is lighting. Natural lighting must be maximum so that the colors look alive in the room. So, large windows without decorations such as curtains are the solution.

10. Cozy Spot in The Corner Room

cozy teen room ideas
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An empty corner of the room becomes the most cozy spot at home. The hanging chair becomes a comfortable place to relax with a throw pillow and a sheepskin rug. The white color matches the interior so that increases the beauty value of the room. The gray on the throw pillow directs the appearance in a natural direction.

The corner of the room adjacent to the window makes it not only a place to relax but also a place to turn the pages of a book or a reading nook. With natural lighting, reading a book in this area will be very comfortable.

11. Add Your Favorite Character

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Modern designs are more attractive to the eye. A simple or minimalist impression is more easily digested by the sense of sight because it looks cleaner and neater. The perpendicular lines that are characteristic of modern design are enough to decorate a bedroom. So, there is no longer a need for excessive displays. Just play with simple patterns and neutral colors.

But, this bedroom really is not made to be ordinary. A Marvel character, Iron Man, a boy’s favorite, is present in the room in the form of a picture. The large size is enough to make it stand out on the wall. The picture without painting maintains a clean impression.

12. Pink Wall Mural

wall mural
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The next of 19 Stylish Teen Room Ideas That are Full of Personality is a pink wall mural. The color pink cannot be separated from a girl. This color represents a graceful character. And, when combined with gold, it looks more elegant and feminine.

The pink wall mural is very suitable for the bedroom because pink is an accent. This minimalist bedroom is far from boring because of the play of lines, patterns, and colors on the wall mural. Curved lines cover the rigid perpendicular lines in the room so that the appearance is softer. Meanwhile, the play of patterns and colors on the wall mural makes the wall an interesting spot in the bedroom.

13. Clear Lines

clear lines
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If we look, the bedroom looks very simple. There is only a long floating table as a workspace which is limited by a small cabinet underneath. Horizontal lines are also present on the walls, the floating cabinet and floating shelves follow the floating wall table.

Even though it is simple, the simple bedroom still looks stylish with a play on the lines. The line is made clear. The walls of the workspace area are painted pastel pink. The slightly curved lines there help disguise the stiff lines so that the appearance does not look too stiff.

14. Add More Texture

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The bedroom carries a Scandinavian design and natural concept. So, the colors that fill the bedroom are only neutral colors such as white, beige, black, and grey. However, this bedroom is a little deviant by presenting a little soft pink color in the bed and bedside table area. With this, the appearance of the bedroom becomes more stylish.

Because it only uses natural colors, the bedroom plays on texture to change the appearance to be attractive. It can be clearly seen from the use of two rugs: a white sheepskin rug and a black and white rug. Screened bedding and a few throw pillows on the wall also have an influence.

15. Pair Vines and String Light

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It is okay not to change anything in the bedroom. For example, a bed that is still on one side of the bedroom or a workspace that has been well set up. With this, playing with decoration is the solution. As the main spot in the bedroom, the bed area can be utilized as best as possible.

The string light and the vines are the best combo. Green brings freshness and yellow lighting brings calm and warmth. So, these decorations not only create a stylish appearance in the bedroom but also increase comfort so that your rest time will be of higher quality.

16. Keep It Minimalist and Simple

simple room
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The minimalist design really makes the teen bedroom look clean. Beauty relies solely on clean, upright lines and also a play on texture. Although in several spots there are several small displays that sweeten the visuals, such as miniature bears and moon table lamps. LED light provides a deeper effect on floating shelves. This creates a more spacious feel for the bedroom.

The use of soft white, brown from the light wood, and also pastel bedding creates a soft appearance in the room. It is very effective at disguising lines and hard corners. That way, the atmosphere feels calm and warm. Other warmth is also obtained from yellow lighting from the LED light.

17. Masculine but Feel So Warm

masculine room
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Avoid using soft or bright colors for boys’ bedrooms. Create a bedroom with a mature and masculine look by making black the main color. No need to worry about the room looking dark, cramped, and stuffy. All of this can be overcome with maximum natural lighting. Also, for wood materials, whether for the flooring or the furniture, choose the light one. This really helps to brighten up the look.

It doesn’t matter if wood dominates the bedroom. The black iron material in several spots creates a good cold impression. So, warmth and coolness in the room become balanced. That way, the masculine impression is well maintained.

18. Cheerful with Bright Hues

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Cheerful with bright hues is the next of 22 stylish teen room ideas. This idea will be a favorite for girls. Soft white is the main color that neutralizes the room. So, the bright colors that are present will be more lively and beautiful.

This idea really pays attention to composition and color combinations. Not all bright colors are present in the room. That way, the appearance of the bedroom remains calm and comfortable for the eyes. Yellow lighting is very helpful in making the appearance not too bright so that the atmosphere in the bedroom remains calm.

The play on yellow, red, and blue evokes a cloudless atmosphere. Due to this being a girl’s room, a touch of pink is present in a very small ratio to create a feminine impression in the bedroom.

19. Pair White and Blue

white and blue
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The last of 22 stylish teen room ideas is to pair white and blue. This is the right color combination to create a teen room with a fresh and calm impression. The light blue looks like a sky. And, with natural lighting coming from the skylight window, the blue color looks more beautiful and lively.

The white color helps the blue color to be more lively in the room. And, to not seem stiff by only relying on two colors, present other colors as accents. The pink doll on the bed or natural green from the plants in the corner of the room has succeeded in becoming decorations that make the appearance stylish and attractive.

Final Words

Make your teenager’s bedroom feel comfortable by adapting it to their personality. This is very important. Besides comfort, teenagers can express themselves well. However, still pay attention to aesthetic value. Beauty remains a priority, do not let there be clashes between colors or excessive play on lighting and textures. Choose the ideas above and apply them to the teen room correctly. So, good luck!