Using Solar Generators Can Save You Cash


Thinking of changing to a renewable energy future, but don’t want to pay the astronomical fees involved to install solar panels in your home?

The answer to your solution is Portable SOLAR GENERATORS!

The power a solar generator can produce every day could potentially save you thousands per year, plus they are 100% hassle-free because they are re-fuelled by the sun, and 100% noise-free. Which means money and time well spent!

The cost of solar panels is often the main factor why people don’t consider making the switch. It does save you money when you use your solar system in the long run. However, data shows that the price of solar panels drops every year and will continue to do so. Hence, you can see more residential homes turning to solar energy.

There are various models available to choose from at different prices, but generally one could set you back a few hundred quid depending on the wattage size. Which is not a lot of money considering how much you will save at the end of the year.

Benefits of Buying a Solar Generator

Besides the fact that you could save big when using a solar generator, there are more pros to investing in one of these miracle machines than there are cons.


Solar generators are built for travellers, but they can also benefit homeowners, small businesses, and even industrial operations (albeit for a short time).

They are extremely lightweight compared to gas-powered generators and can be transported to and from locations with ease. They can easily power most appliances from a phone charger to a bass guitar, making them a great companion to take with you on the road. Visit for a wide selection of portable generators.

Climate change

Another great reason to buy one is for people wanting to cut down on their carbon footprint.

There’s no need to keep buying fuel to keep one of these running. Just put it in the sunshine, and it will recharge by itself, meaning no pollution and no fuss! The solar generator stores this energy from the sun into a host of batteries, which then converts to electricity. Simple, but effective. 

Low-maintenance and quiet

Going camping soon??? If so, you will be glad to know that a solar generator seldomly if at all needs replacement parts, and most models come with a long-life warranty.

The annoying thing about fuel-powered generators is the horrible sound they make when in use. Whereas solar-powered ones don’t make a sound when running, resulting in a quiet night’s sleep.

Saving money

Yes, investing in a solar generator can cost you between 50-52000 pounds, but over the space of a year or so, you could potentially save yourself on energy bills, what you spent on it and more.

As long as there is sunshine, you can use a solar genny to perform all your daily electronics tasks like washing machines, computers, phones and tablets, ovens, etc.

You will also save money on fuel, which its fuel-powdered counterpart requires to work. That alone is an unnecessary expense that solar energy doesn’t have.

Buyers Guide

Solar generators come in various sizes to meet everyone’s demands, from a small 50 Watt generator that is capable of providing enough power for people on the move and up to 2000 Watts that has enough power for industrial machinery and home appliances.

The perfect model for you to invest in will depend on your requirements.

For the outdoors

If you’re looking for a generator that has sufficient power to charge low-tech appliances like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, mini coolers, then a low wattage solar generator from 50 Watts up to 200 Watts will be enough to support all your camping and outdoor activity needs.

Most come with nifty features like flashlight, car charger options, reading lamp, and AC/DC display panel.

For home use

Indoor generators need to power up higher wattage appliances like microwaves, air conditioning, fridge/freezers, hoovers, and other household tech, which require bigger, yet still easily portable solar generators.

Anything from 250 Watts up to 600 Watts will meet your demands, as they will have multiple power outlets to run several appliances at once.

For industrial use – A bigger model from 600 Watts and upwards will produce enough power to run a small music event or industrial machinery with equipment, like amps, lighting, bass systems, drills, power tools, and much more.


All-in-all a solar generator is a brilliant piece of equipment for everyday use no matter your needs, and is a great investment if you want to save money and be eco-friendly.