What is Drain Cleaning?

Dirty sink before and after clearing the blockage. Clog problems in the bathroom and toilet

Drain Cleaning is the process of removing all debris from your drains. That includes hair, food particles, and other foreign objects that can clog up a drainpipe or sewer line. The most common cause for this problem is tree roots growing into the pipes, which then block them, causing water to back up in your home. Other causes include heavy rainfall, flooding, broken appliances, and even animals such as cats and dogs who have accidents inside your house. If you are experiencing any problems with your plumbing system, it’s important to call an experienced plumber immediately so they can fix the issue before it becomes worse.

How Does Plumbing Work?

Plumbing works by using pressurized water to move waste through pipes. Water pressure pushes waste out of fixtures like sinks and toilets and carries it away via drainage systems. Toilets use gravity to push waste down their pipe, while sink drains rely on pumps to pull waste down their lines. When something goes wrong with these components, however, sewage backs up into homes and businesses. Plumbing professionals know how to repair leaks and clear blocked drains quickly and efficiently. They also install new piping when needed.

Drain being cleared by worker in navy overalls.

Plumbing Companies & Drain Cleaning

There are many benefits of utilizing the services of professional plumbers for drain cleaning. Some of those benefits include:

They’re Good At What They Do

Plumbing companies will identify where the leak is coming from and find ways to correct the problem. Most people don’t realize there’s more than one way to solve a particular problem. For example, if the drainpipe is blocked, there may not only be a hole in the pipe but there could also be a crack in the pipe itself. In either case, the solution would be different. It takes experience to figure out exactly what needs fixing.

They’re Trained

Professional plumbers go through extensive training programs to learn about every aspect of plumbing, including design, installation, maintenance, and repairs. They must pass tests to become licensed and certified. These tests cover everything from basic math skills to understanding building codes and regulations. If you need help installing a toilet flange, you probably want to hire a contractor instead of calling a friend or family member. While everyone knows how to change a light bulb, few understand electrical wiring. And no matter how handy you are around the house, chances are you aren’t qualified to handle a major plumbing project. This includes replacing sewer line sections as well as repairing broken appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers.

They Offer Warranties

When hiring a plumber, make sure he offers some warranty. Warranties vary depending on the company offering the service. However, some companies provide lifetime guarantees on parts and labour. Others offer 90-day warranties on workmanship. You should always check the fine print because sometimes the guarantee doesn’t apply to certain situations.

They’re Insured

During drain cleaning, if anything happens during the job, plumbing companies have insurance coverage. That means if someone gets hurt while working on your property, the homeowner won’t be responsible. Insurance covers things like bodily injury, medical bills, and lost wages.

They’ll Save You Money

You might think that doing the job yourself saves time and money. But often, DIY projects end up costing much more than hiring a pro. Not only does it take longer to complete, but mistakes often cost extra too. Hiring a professional ensures quality workmanship and proper materials.

They Have Licenses

Licensing requirements differ depending on where you live. It’s recommended you check local laws before hiring anyone for any construction project. Licenses ensure that workers are properly trained and experienced.

They Can Fix and Identify Problems Fast

Most homeowners try to tackle small issues themselves, hoping to avoid paying an expensive bill. Unfortunately, these simple fixes usually lead to bigger problems down the road. A good plumber can spot potential trouble spots so they can get rid of them right away.


Drain cleaning is not rocket science. It’s quite easy once you find the right person to do the job. Make sure you choose a reputable drain cleaner. Look at their reviews online and ask friends and neighbours for recommendations. Once you’ve found a reliable plumbing company like Calgary Plumbers And Drains, give them a call.