6 Natural Strategies to Prevent Garden Pests in Melbourne


Are you fed up with discovering pests in your garden? Do not waste time and money on professional pest control Melbourne right away. Instead, use these natural methods to keep garden pests from becoming a problem in the first place.

When a promising gardening season is cut short due to a pest infestation, it can be disheartening. This guide will assist you at better handling garden pests and growing the best crops.

The best pest control Melbourne companies suggest preventing pest infestation for an excellent-looking garden. Here are the top 6 ways for garden pest control in Melbourne.

6 Ways For Preventing Garden Pests

Without using chemicals or hiring the best pest control services near me, you can make your garden pest-free. Here are some methods for keeping pests from taking over your garden.

#1: Promote soil health.

Same-day pest control Melbourne companies explain that plants with healthy immune systems can battle illnesses and pests. Plus, helpful soil life feeds and is protected by healthy soils.

Natural fertilisers aid in the development of healthy soil. Once a month, use a fish and seaweed fertiliser to activate soil bacteria and control pests in Melbourne.

#2: Plant at the appropriate location.

Plants that require full light should be kept in full sun regions. Similarly, grow vegetation based on their water requirements. Grow a crop in an area that stays damp longer if it requires more water to keep healthy.

Crops can survive in less-than-ideal circumstances for a while, but stress weakens them over time, making them vulnerable to pests. Thus, same-day pest control Melbourne companies suggest planting in the proper spot to keep garden pests at bay.

#3: Select plants that are resistant to pests.

Select plant varieties that are inherently pest resistant. You can choose the pest-resistant seed varieties listed in the seed catalogue.

For example, Troncino squash appears to be more pest-resistant than other summer squash types.

#4: Attract helpful insects to your garden.

Beneficial insects that come to your garden looking for nectar, pollen, and shelter eat pests. Grow flowers that match these requirements to entice them to stay.

For example, Calendula, coriander, and sweet alyssum are some of the favourite annuals in Melbourne.

The best pest control Melbourne company suggests planting tall plants like sunflower, comfrey, and yarrow at the edge.

If you provide beneficial pests a place to live, they will reproduce nearby and start a colony. The importance of beneficial insects in preventing garden pests cannot be overstated. However, keep an eye on the growth, as too many pests are not good for your home.

#5: Make sure your crops are rotated.

Crop rotation confuses pests, minimises pest concentration in certain locations, and aids soil fertility management.

Pest control services Melbourne technicians suggest waiting two to three years before planting members of the same crop family.

We can understand that in a tiny or shady garden, this can be difficult. If a crop is harmed by a pest, wait at least two years before planting it in the same location. Alternatively, plant a cover crop to give the region a break for a season.

#6: Keep pests at bay.

When you plant strong-scented herbs among or near vegetables they tend to discourage pests. It is a simple approach to assist you in your attempts to keep garden pests at bay.

Calendula, coriander, and garlic are some of the strong-scented annuals you can plant in your garden.

At the edge of the garden, plant perennial herbs with a strong aroma, such as chives, anise hyssop, and thyme.


The presence of pests in the garden is always heart-breaking for home gardeners. But opting for chemical sprays can damage the garden’s ecosystem. Thus, it is advisable to use Natural pest control solutions at the first sight of infestation or contact eco-friendly pest control services near me for safe and reliable pest control in Melbourne.