Sydney’s Best Value for Money Residential Areas


If you have been living in Sydney for some time now or looking at Sydney’s property market, then you must be wondering about an affordable suburb to live in. In an area where prices and demand have been going high for years, it became necessary for people to enter the market and look after it in the best possible ways.

But, there are chances that you are left behind with some of the best opportunities in the market. As in Sydney, there is a wide array of choices that let the people choose a place and live with several benefits such as price, schools, safety, scenery, nature, and many more.

With this taken into account, we got to know that there are various areas in the Sydney region where one can easily purchase property at an affordable price and within a commuting distance. And, for those who are looking to create a Sydney future home for them, these places listed below are very helpful. So, without any further discussion, let us take a look at the cheapest suburb areas by looking at the median price within an area of 10km radius and 20km radius.

Best Value for Money Residential Areas within 10km of Sydney CBD

When it comes to affordability to get a house in Sydney, we suggest you search for a place near the CBD area where work can be found easily. The CBD area is a diverse, multicultural suburb where a house can be bought. The local economy of the region is also growing rapidly, so it is also okay to work there only.

So, if you are looking to buy a residential place within a 10km radius of Sydney’s CBD, then there is a good chance waiting for you where you can choose to get the best gems. This will also allow you to live very close to the CBD without giving millions of dollars for the place.

Here are the best affordable options that are going to be apartments that are close to the CBD and are considered good places to start and build your residential area.

Suburb Median Price of the House (in dollars) Distance from CBD Median Price Unit (in dollars)
Hillsdale 1,010, 500 9km 596,750
Ashfield 1,513,740 8km 692,500
Canterbury 1,315,500 10km 675,000
Arnecliffe 1,165,000 10km 676,500
Gladesville 2,000,000 9km 720,000


Best Value for Money Residential Areas within 20km of Sydney CBD

Wondering about going an extra 10km away from Sydney’s CBD, then here we are with plenty of options to get an affordable house. This will provide you with an opportunity to get either a home or one unit that depends on your lifestyle needs.

Suburb CBD Distance Median House Price (in dollars) Median Price Unit (in dollars)
Granville 19km 807,000 466,888
Guildford 20km 830,000 466,500
Yagoona 18km 865,000 580,000
Chester Hill 19km 820,000 510,000
Wiley Park 14km 847,500 390,000
Punchbowl 16km 900,000 497,500
Lakemba 13km 940,000 377,000
Harris Park 19km 440,000


Most Valuable for Money Residential Areas in Outer Sydney

Suburb CBD Distance Median House Price (in dollars) Median Price Unit (in dollars)
Macquarie Fields 38km 631,000 430,000
Ingleburn 40km 699,450 432,500
Airds 56km 480,500
Werrington 46km 665,000 412,500
St. Mary’s 45km 632,500 470, 000
Colyton 43km 650,000
Richmond 64km 699,500 467,000
Windsor 58km 740,000
Campbelltown 57km 600,000 436,000


Prices of the residential areas can fluctuate and go up when the properties are snapped up quickly. There are ample options available for the buyers who are buying homes and live with their families at an affordable price. Living in Sydney and creating life depends on the compromises for the non-rich people, and currently, people are trying to believe in getting a return for the least.

Sydney has provided very much to single-family members, families, and even young professionals in an effective way. But, finding a new home to live in Sydney is difficult in today’s time also. Thus, with these areas listed above, you can easily get the best place for yourself in Sydney and get the best experience.