How to Install a Bathtub? Step By Step Guide!


A bathtub generally enhances the appearance of your bathroom. A new bathtub is a great way to convert your bathroom into an exclusive spa escape. The tub costing depends on the type of tub actually.

How to install a bathtub? To install a new bathtub, you need to know some instructions. The specific installation tips will help to install a new bathtub.

According to, 02 person bathtubs need a specific dimension with a comfortable size. The 02 person bathtub is perfect for multiple children’s family. You can also use this bathtub for two people at a time.

Without further ado, let’s drive in.

Can you Change the Color of a Bathtub?

Changing the color of a bathtub is not so hard to work. The coloring process of a bathtub is the same for fiberglass, acrylic, and porcelain. But, you have to purchase the actual refinishing products to color your bathtub perfectly.

Can you change the color of a bathtub? Yes, you can change the color of a bathtub. But, you should require a waterproof solution to color your bathtub.

How do you Install a Bathtub?

The bathtub installation process is a very simple task but you need to maintain some instructions and steps to set up it perfectly. Before installing a bathtub, you need to make sure how to install it perfectly.

Let’s describe step by step-

Step One: Pulling up the old subfloor should be the first task. You can use a hammer to do this work.

Step Two: Now, you need to remove all old nails and apply liquid nails to all joints.

Step Three: You can use the plywood with ¾ inches. It can be changed based on your requirements. You have to nail the new subfloor.

Step Four: Avoid the areas where your electric lines and pipes are located. Ensure the screwing of the subfloor into the joints only. If you do not care about it, your time will be wasted.

Step Five: Now, time to set up a second layer of the subfloor. You can use ½ inches of plywood for this task. Just spread more liquid nails on the top part of the subfloor.

Step Six: You need to use a nail gun to nail the ½ inch plywood into the first subfloor easily. You should also nail into the joints.

Step Seven: Finally, you have reached the last session of your work. After setting the subfloor, let’s dry it. Now, fit your new bathtub and check all plumbness.

Step Eight: You need to build both a knee wall and the main wall also. Now, it is ready to take a bath. Enjoy your bathtub and start your day with happiness.


Installing a bathtub is generally a common task. But, how to install a bathtub? We have discussed some special instructions to set up a bathtub successfully. It will be helpful for beginners to get a broad idea for installing a bathtub. Follow these steps and enjoy your happy bath.