How to Make the Most out of Your Commercial Washroom

modern public restroom for men

People like a sanitary and functional washroom and washrooms of a commercial establishment can make all the difference for customers’ and employee satisfaction.

Every person working or visiting the commercial washroom expects it to be clean and equipped with all facilities. Achieving this level of functionality is not hard. In fact, with small investments and innovative ideas, it can be acquired easily.

All you need to do to achieve this functionality with your commercial bathroom is to set a small budget and install the right products.

By following the steps and implementing the mentioned ideas below, you can improve the user experience of your commercial washroom.

Install Soap Dispensers on Every Sink

If you are offering your washroom patrons a bar of soap to wash their hands with a soap bar, then you are not living in the 21st century. It’s time for an upgrade.

You should install soap dispensers on every sink. Make sure you install an automatic sensor soap dispenser. It will help visitors build trust that they have fewer chances of getting germ infections due to soap sharing.

There are thousands of stylish and inexpensive soap dispensers on the market, and most of them are easy to install.

Paint The Walls a Warm Color

A simple way to upgrade your commercial restroom is by giving it a new coat of paint. You can hire a professional for a meager cost.

The best colors for public washrooms are warmer colors like blues, whites, and greys. You can also give it a wooden look. It applies to bathrooms catering to all genders.

It may seem strange to want to make your bathroom patrons feel comfortable but giving your employees or customers a calm-feeling place to freshen up positively reflects on your business and probably your bottom line.

Warm color reflects light better and keeps the washroom illuminated in less light as well.

Install a Few Hand Dryers

If your restroom is to occupy only one person, install one hand dryer. If it contains five occupants, you should install at least 3 of them, and so forth.

Installation of hand dryers must be according to the occupancy level of visitors and majorly on the frequency of users visiting the washroom.

Commercial hand dryers protect against the spread of germs, dry hands fast, and add a level of class to your commercial washroom. Check out various hand dryers for commercial settings online. You will get a wide variety of hand dryers online with different functionalities and affordable prices suitable to your needs.

Installation of hand dryers also reduces the wastage of tissues used for drying hands.

Hire a Cleaning Service

One very effective way to make your washroom patrons much more comfortable is by hiring a cleaning company to clean the washroom daily or thrice a week.

You can hire a cleaning service for a small budget. Most will come out to your business and clean up a restroom for as little as $150 per week for three days. It can end up being a small weekly investment that will pay off big time.

All they need to do is clean the mirrors, empty the trash, and mop the floor. This type of upkeep will keep the restroom smelling pleasantly and more comfortable for your patrons.

Regular Sanitization

In the day and age of viruses, it would also be a great idea to install a hand sanitization device at the entrance for your users. It will allow your patrons to sterilize their hands.

Most of these units are affordable and do not require any expertise to install. It is better to be safe than sorry owing to the current scenario.

Install sanitary pad dispenser machine.

What would be the best relief for a lady who just got her periods but forgot her sanitary pads? Of course, a sanitary pad vending machine !!

While you are working in an office or have visited the office for other work purposes and are stuck in such a situation, you would not be able to excuse yourself and rush to a shop to buy sanitary pads.

But you can for sure excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. And boom! You find a sanitary pad vending machine to your relief.

Install a full-length mirror.

A full-length mirror would enhance the look and feel of your commercial washroom and give your users a chance to tidy up.

Who does not like touch-ups? I am sure everyone does. You want to look your best when you are meeting your clients or having a meeting.

A full-length mirror will help users of the washroom to be in their best looks.

Proper Partitions

You have to take care of the privacy of your washroom users by proper partitioning. Use firm and opaque partitions.

You can use wooden partitions or HPL toilet partitions. These are strong, versatile materials and budget-friendly.

It provides privacy to individual stalls making a better user experience.

The more efficient and user-friendly your commercial washroom is, the more are the chances of better business.