How to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring

Janitor cleaning the floor inside an office building. During the pandemic the office has to be disinfected everyday.

When it comes to cleaning vinyl plank flooring, you want to rely on the expert advice of those who have come before you. After all, this lovely flooring is an aesthetic marvel with lots of staying power, so it’s a good idea to take care of it with the best practices and techniques available.

But, if you don’t have access to the information or experienced individuals necessary to inform your cleaning decisions as they pertain to your vinyl plank flooring, what are you to do? Understandably, the right decision is to turn to the internet, where answers abound, and information flows freely. Here, in this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about cleaning these spectacular floors. Let’s get started!

The Quintessential Vinyl Plank Floor Cleaning Questions

Cleaning service. Bucket with sponges, chemicals bottles and mopping stick. Rubber gloves, plunger and towel. Man standing in slippers. (Cleaning service. Bucket with sponges, chemicals bottles and mopping stick. Rubber gloves, plunger and towel. Man

When Do You Need to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Generally, you should sweep and vacuum your vinyl plank flooring every single day. This level of frequency will help you reduce the accumulation of dirt and grime. It can also help prevent scratches and other damage. As it concerns a thorough cleaning and wet mop, this can occur every two weeks or twice a month.

Keeping up with this routine might sound onerous, but if you want to maintain your floors in their absolute best condition, no alternative is better. Finally, there is one more thing you can do where it concerns frequency. That is immediately and without hesitation addressing all stains that arise from spills, drips and other contaminants.

What Should You Use to Clean Vinyl Plank Flooring?

A broom and dustpan can keep up with all the dry debris that will accrue daily. A soft-bristled brush or wet mop is necessary for the bi-weekly cleaning routine, along with a bucket for mixing your cleaning solution. What is contained in the cleaning solution, you ask, just slightly pre-empting the answer?

Mostly warm water. You can also add dish detergent or equal parts of apple cider vinegar. This should help you take care of the vast majority of the issues you’ll encounter when cleaning. You may also be interested in trying some other mixes for stubborn scuffs and stains, like baking soda and water or WD-40. Try these and see if they are effective cleaning solutions in your household.

What Tips & Tricks Should You Keep in Mind While Cleaning?

Remember that you don’t have to exert yourself needlessly. A steady pace and determination will help you get through the most stubborn and sticky situations with enough time. This will help preserve your floors and morale for very dirty floors. Along those same lines, don’t fuss if you don’t have enough time to sweep your vinyl plank flooring every day. We suggest this frequency for best results, but also appreciate the modern world does not leave many people much time to tend their house, especially on a daily basis.

You may also want to consider using floor mats, area rugs and other coverings to prevent long-term damage to areas of your flooring. These can add some protection to your floor while also varying its appearance and creating a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere throughout your home.