20 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for An Up-to-Date Look


roohome.com – Your bedroom has a big impact on your mood when you wake up. And, a beautiful bedroom will definitely boost your mood every morning. Besides that, the bedroom is also a room used for resting or spending free time. Therefore, it should be designed as well as possible. And, knowing some stylish bedroom ideas can help you to determine the design and decoration that fits your lovely room.

There are many decorations and ideas that you might find. However, they all have different characteristics and appearances. Some have a Victorian, medieval look, and some are contemporary.

For those of you who are looking for ideas and decoration to make your private room not left behind, in this article we have provided “20 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for An Up-to-Date Look”. So, let’s check it out!

1. Timber as Wall Accent

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This bedroom is made minimalist to create a calmer atmosphere. Therefore, there are no displays decorating the wall area. However, the room still looks charming with a natural accent wall. Timber brings another color into the room very safely. It enhances the calm in the bedroom. The sconces with yellow lighting on the timber really work together to create a warmer atmosphere in this sleeping space.

2. Floating Wall Mirror

stylish bedroom
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In this idea, the corner of the room was changed as a spot for mirroring and seeing your outfit of the day. The use of a floating wall mirror does not interfere with the bedside table at all. Everything is arranged in its own portion which makes the bedroom look so neat. The frame of the mirror has the same color as the bedside table and the sconces on the wall. It is good to minimize the colors in the room so that it does not look too much which can disturb the beauty of the bedroom itself.

Installing a mirror in the corner of the room right next to the window is also the right choice. Mirrors have the property of reflecting light. So, light that enters and hits the mirror directly will reflect back into the room. It is a great way to light up the bedroom.

3. Playing with Pastel Colors

soft stylish bedroom
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This one bedroom idea has a clean appearance with a minimalist concept. However, applying pastel colors in certain spots succeeded in enlivening the bedroom very well. The present pastel blue color on the headboard and blanket brings a freshness into the room. And, a touch of pink on the pillow sheets makes it look softer and feminine. With beige as the main color and natural lighting leading directly toward the bed, pastel colors look more lively and beautiful.

4. Fresh and Alive Master Bedroom

fresh stylish bedroom
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The use of neutral colors such as white, gray, and beige successfully creates a calm atmosphere in the master bedroom. However, this makes the appearance look a little stiff. However, everything is resolved with large plants that fill the corner area of the room. The natural green color of plants brings out a vibrant color and makes the bedroom look more alive.

The corner of the room adjacent to the window is the most appropriate for plants. As we know, plants are living creatures that need natural light to stay alive. That way, both the freshness of the plants and the freshness of the room can be well maintained.

5. Large Arch Mirror

arch mirror
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This Mediterranean bedroom has a very beautiful and up-to-date appearance. A large mirror is perfect for filling a wide bedroom wall. The wooden frame for the mirror looks integrated into the graywashed wall. They look so natural and beautify the bedroom very well.

Arch mirrors have curved lines at the top which are very helpful in disguising stiff lines in the room. So, the look of the room becomes softer.

6. Cooperate with Nature

natural stylish bedroom
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The next of 20 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for An Up-to-Date Look is to cooperate with nature. From the colors to the materials used, they are not far from nature. Also, some natural elements are present well in filling and decorating the bedroom. And, with a strong natural atmosphere, the bedroom not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable with its warmth and tranquility.

The bedroom is made bright and soft with beige as the main color. Gray is the next color for the bed. Plants bring out the natural green color very well and give a freshness to the bedroom. Meanwhile, the natural brown color comes from the dominant wood material. And, what makes a bedroom perfect is maximized natural lighting.

7. Masculine but Full of Warmth

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Even though it is dominated by black, this bedroom manages to have a warm feel. Fireplaces and wood materials play a major role in working together to create warmth in the bedroom. And, layered bedding and sheepskin rugs help too.

The application of a modern minimalist concept brings the bedroom into a more calming atmosphere. The white accent color gives a slightly bright appearance. And, plants as decoration liven up the appearance of the bedroom.

8. Cloudless Mural Wall

mural wall
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The mural wall brings vibrant colors very well into the bedroom. Besides that, it also cheers up the space and makes the minimalist bedroom look and feel different. The combination of bright colors such as orange, peach, and green brings a freshness into the room. With good natural lighting, colors look more vibrant in the bedroom. It has a huge impact on the beauty and ambiance of the room itself. The vibrant colors on the mural wall seem to blend with the wooden furniture and make the appearance harmonious.

9. Do The Scattered Plants

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If you are confused about what decoration is suitable for your room, then try relying on plants. This is the safest decoration because plants can fit into any design and concept of the interior. You can also make your room look full of plants without having to worry about making your bedroom look too excessive and disturbing. You can place these plants on the edge of the bedroom, such as on the window, floating wall shelves, and bedside table. And, this is the next of 20 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for An Up-to-Date Look you can try on.

10. String Light Change The Look Dramatically

best stylish bedroom
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String light is an additional light that can change the atmosphere and appearance of a room dramatically. Yellow lighting is the most appropriate for the sleeping room. It can bring warmth and serenity into the bedroom. And, the bed area is the best place to install this lamp. Besides, because the bed is the main spot in the bedroom, the yellow and dim light from the string light can accompany you while sleeping.

Installing string lights is much better for bedrooms with dominant wood materials. Yellow light really helps wood radiate warmth to all corners of the room. This is a great way to make your private room more comfortable at night.

11. 2 Colors Wall

minimalist stylish bedroom
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Using wall panels is enough to beautify the appearance of a elegant minimalist bedroom. It’s just that there is a touch that makes the wall area look more charming. The wall panels are painted in two different colors. The 1:1 ratio makes other colors present in the room very well.

The use of colors that are still the same tone as the interior maintains a minimalist concept in the bedroom. The gray color with blue tones on the wall panels looks in harmony with the rug in the bedroom. With different color shades, where the rug shades are darker, it makes the bedroom look more interesting and not boring.

12. Stylish Boho Bedroom Design

boho design
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The boho bedroom design is dominated by white. With windows that are not decorated, natural light enters freely and illuminates the bedroom to the maximum. These two are the factors why the bedroom looks naturally bright and fresh.

Other colors are presented using natural materials which make the natural atmosphere present well in the bedroom. A wicker rug, rattan pots, and a wool blanket are decorations that beautify the appearance of this bright room. The corner of the room is also decorated with pamper grass which adds a natural impression to the bedroom.

13. Utilize The Corner of The Room

reading nook
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In this idea, the bedroom uses an empty corner of the room as a comfortable reading nook. Benches and other decorations match the interior to maintain harmony in the appearance of the room. A cozy chair with a soft cushion will be your favorite relaxing place to flip through the pages of a book. Right behind the chair, there is a simple large plant that exudes freshness in this ivory-white bedroom. The corner of the room is also filled with a large mirror which makes the bedroom feel more spacious.

14. Attractive Dresser Area

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The next of 20 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for An Up-to-Date Look is an attractive dresser area. The dresser is used as a spot that collects several displays ranging from perfume, an aromatherapy candle, several candles, a mirror, a small plant, magazines, and a small radio. With a dresser made of wood, all the displays there look balanced. There is no clash between one color and the others.

15. Add More Natural Material

rattan pendant lamp
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If you want to have an up-to-date and cozy bedroom, then you can use this idea as your inspiration. This bedroom uses natural materials to create calm and warmth, starting from the bedside table, headboard, picture frame, and a rattan pendant lamp. These natural materials look integrated with the interior of the room.

White as the main color makes the appearance of the room neutral and makes the colors from natural materials stand out in the room. And, to maintain warmth and calm in the room, the bedding is decorated with soft colors.

16. Alcove for Simple Vanity

bedroom vanity
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Make an alcove in the bedroom as an area to do your make-up. Making it simple can maintain neatness and a minimalist concept in the bedroom. Choose a color that matches the interior of the room. However, to maintain the minimalist of the bedroom, expand the wall color to the vanity area. Present other colors by using them as accents such as black for the mirror frame and and plant to present a natural green. A simple small plant also brings a little freshness to the vanity area and makes it look alive. The soft pink chair with jet-black legs gives a different impression but still looks integrated with the bedroom interior.

17. Lavender Korean Bedroom Style

korean stylish bedroom
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This Korean bedroom chooses beige as the main color to create a more dimmer appearance. In the window area, there are also blinds to filter the light entering the room. That way, the room becomes quieter during the day.

What makes this Korean bedroom look alive is the touch of lavender which is present very well in the room. Applying it to bedding, rugs, and some decorations on the table and dresser makes it stand out in the bedroom. Also, the pattern or motif in the bedroom is minimized so that the lavender color can work well in decorating this calm room. And, this is the next of 20 Stylish Bedroom Ideas for An Up-to-Date Look you can follow.

18. Mirrored Barn Door with An Old Style

barn door
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A mirrored barn door with an old style is good for making your bedroom stylish. With white as the main color of the room, the color and texture of the wood appear more clearly in the room. The texture also becomes more visible with lighting from the side.

The mirror on the barn door reflects the light coming in through the window so that the white modern rustic bedroom becomes brighter. Apart from that, mirrors also play an important role in making this bedroom feel more spacious.

19. Panels as Focal Point

wall panels
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The easiest way to drastically change the appearance of your bedroom is to make wall panels. Make it as an accent by only applying it to part of the wall, starting from the bottom to the middle of the wall. The texture of the wall panels will work very well in adding to the beauty and aesthetic value of the bedroom.

This bedroom really makes excellent use of wall panels by painting them with bold colors. So, it becomes a focal point in the bedroom. Several decorations such as a wreath and a wall lamp as complements make the wall panel perfect.

20. Glass Wardrobe Decorative The Whole Room

glass wardrobe
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A neat and beautiful walk-in closet becomes an area that decorates and beautifies the modern minimalist bedroom. The clothes are arranged very neatly by organizing according to color tones. Installing the LED light gives it a more lively impression. It enriches warmth and tranquility in the bedroom. The yellow light from the LED light not only dramatizes the appearance and makes the room stylish but also helps the wood material radiate its warmth in this minimalist modern bedroom.

Final Words

Actually, it is not difficult to create a stylish yet comfortable bedroom as long as all the decorations are adjusted to the concept and interior of the room. Also pay attention to the portion of the decoration itself. So that nothing overlaps, everything must be harmonized. Pay attention to several important points such as layout, color, material and lighting. You can rely on natural elements to bring calm and warmth to the room. Also add plants as decorations that can liven up and bring freshness to your sleeping space.