Home Design Trends for 2022


It goes without saying that you should never base the interior design of your home on fleeting trends. To make a home one that you truly love, it’s important to decorate it and design it in a way that you personally enjoy. However, despite saying that, there’s no harm in looking at what has been popular throughout the year to help you get new ideas and inspiration, or at the very least, learn what you don’t like.

As the new year arrives, new, exciting trends emerge that might be interesting to try. Here’s a look at what’s going to be popular in 2022.

Open-Plan Living

In an attempt to make their main living areas appear more spacious and open, many homeowners are opting to create an open-plan living area. Instead of having separate rooms for a traditional living room and kitchen, an open plan design will have no physical barriers between these areas.

This can make a home feel more connected, and as previously stated, can make it feel larger and more spacious.

Designing an open-plan living area can be tough, though, as all the design elements have to tie into each other to make it work. The wooden furniture in your lounge area needs to be continued within your kitchen, and the color scheme also needs to complement each other.

One of the best ways to make an open-plan living area is to tie it all together with a consistent flooring design. For this purpose, most people go with laminate flooring, as it’s suitable for both a kitchen and a lounge area and looks really sleek. A great option to try out is Quick-Step’s laminate floor, and there are various different types of finishes you can choose from. So you can find the best option for you.

Liberal Use Of Wallpaper

In 2022, wallpaper isn’t just going to be reserved for covering walls. Instead, many home designers are going to get more creative and find new ways to add interesting patterns and textures to a home.

One of the most common places wallpaper might be applied in 2022 is on furniture, such as closets and shelves. Doing this means that designers can add a decorative pop that won’t be as overbearing as it might be if used on a whole wall.

Some people may also decide to wallpaper the ceiling, which can give rooms a grand, cathedral-esque property, as these ceiling wallpaper may look like interesting frescoes and paintings. You might find that in order to make the wallpaper stand out even more that you opt for a more neutral flooring, like vinyl flooring. This wooden effect will create a charming look to your home and work perfectly with pops of color in wallpaper in whatever room you require. You don’t want to create clashes of too much color or pattern with carpet, so consider going for a more natural and elegant look.


Sustainability is going to be a huge trend in 2022 in all walks of life, and in home décor, it’s already making its mark.

Many designers are now looking for interesting ways to reuse scrap or spare material, with people creating hanging lights, tables, shelves, and even beds out of traditionally undesirable materials such as wooden offcuts, bottles, waste fabric, and wooden pallets.

It’s a trend that lends to the bohemian interior design style and can make your home feel more natural and inviting, especially if you use a lot of wooden material, including on your floors.