How to Get Rid of Dust and Make Your Home Shine


To achieve a healthy environment in our home, it is necessary that we keep our home clean. Apart from making our home shine bright for aesthetic effects, cleaning can also reduce the risk of exposure to dusts, causing breathing problems. Children can suffer from all manner of health implications, such as asthma and other risks. This guide will help you in cleaning and making your home shine effectively.

Handling Carpets and Rugs

Carpets are one of the largest nest places for dusts. They gather dust over time, which becomes dense when left without cleaning for long. The most effective cleaning method is to use a vacuum cleaner along with beating the carpets with a broom to dust them off.

Vacuum cleaning is much easier, but dusting the carpet using a broom removes higher amounts of dust particles. It’s necessary to clean carpets outdoors. Shake the carpets once a week to make it easier to drape them over. Sweeping off the dust becomes more convenient if you replace old carpets with tiles or laminates. Dust can be easily dealt with if it accumulates on tiles, as all you will have to do us use a wet mop or cloth. But, cleaning them is a difficult task and so, you can book simplymaid Perth for house cleaning.

Deal With Exhaust Fans and AC

Exhaust fans have huge amount of dusts clogged in their filters. Over time, there are high chances that dust will be trapped and the fan will have difficulties spinning. Cleaning exhaust fans and fans used in bedrooms is most of the time done using a broom. It isn’t necessary to use a brush or broom to clean exhaust fans. Canned air can do the job more perfectly.

Turning on the exhaust fan and blowing air towards the accumulated dust can help deal with the dust particles even faster. Blowing using your mouth should be avoided as it might not clean the air grills properly and is harmful to health as well. ACs also have grills stuffed with dust and as such, you can use cotton cloths to wipe them without much risk to your health.

Cleaning Blanket and Towels

All household textiles used regularly can have dust sticking to its surface. These mainly include curtains, blankets and bed sheets. Dust from fans and surrounding areas absorb moisture on the surface and nests on the curtains. Blankets which aren’t properly dried also do the same thing.

An effective way of cleaning them is to use machine wash on all these textiles. If blankets and curtains are put in a dryer for almost 20 minutes, it can become difficult for them to attract further dusts. Bed-sheets and pillow-covers should also be dealt with by washing them weekly using a powerful detergent. Use a vacuum cleaner if possible on bed-sheets every 2-4 days to make it itch-free.

Taking Care of Electronic Appliances and Walls

All electronic appliances collect dust in one way or the other. From TVs to hair dryers, much cleaning must be done to keep dust particles at bay. Machine cords and outlets can be cleaned using a vertical brush. While most of the appliances’ cleaning requires only clothes, fridges and washing machines must be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. Fridges often have large interconnected long dusts accumulated on the back part.

You can clean these machines by turning them back and using a micro fiber cloth after vacuuming. Water must be avoided at all cost so as to avoid possible electrical shock. Walls are often decorated with paintings and usually calendars are hung up on a nail. Cleaning these is much easier by just using tough cloths. After removing all the stuff hung up on the wall, both the wall and back part of decor should be wiped.