The Minor Home Improvements That Make Your Property More Appealing To Buyers in 2022


Whether you’re a homeowner looking to sell your property, or a landlord or property manager looking to quickly spruce things up for new tenants, making small home improvements can have a major impact on how potential buyers/residents see your space.

Often, spending thousands on your property is impossible, whether that be due to funding restraints or time restraints. This is why it’s vital to know how to do as little work as possible, for the same brilliant effect.

Take a look at these examples of minor home improvements that are guaranteed to make your property more appealing to buyers and renters in 2022.


Painting is one of the most cost-effective methods for improving your property. Whether it’s a new coat of paint on your walls, or an accent wall with pops of colour, painting has the ability to create as much as a full transformation in as little as one day.

When it comes to painting (and any other DIY task!), it’s important to note who your property is aimed at. If your property is aimed at renters or those looking to buy-to-let, keeping colours simple and clean is a great way to allow the future resident to bring in their own furniture, with the guarantee that the walls will match.

Refinish The Kitchen

Replacing the kitchen can be expensive, and often not necessary! Repainting the kitchen cupboards and replacing countertops can be done in most kitchens,  and can be completed rapidly. Wall tile, backsplash tiles and/or flooring are great additions to a kitchen as well, as they give it an extra pop of colour and detail that is sure to catch the eyes of any buyer/renter.

Old and outdated appliances will be one of the first things any new residents notice, especially if the appliances come with the space. As well as this, older appliances can be more dangerous, and might not pass safety tests if the building requires one. It’s always better to be more safe than sorry, so opting for new appliances (less than 10 years old) is always a good idea. Shopping at clearance stores or in sales is a great way to do this for a lower price.

Switch Up Your Upholstery

There’s nothing like switching up your upholstery to give your property the individual edge it needs. New throw pillows, blankets and rugs can be both bought from thrift stores for a low price, as well as decorated by you if you’re looking to add a personal touch! Make an entrance with a new rug at the front door, or change up your decor with bold colours and patterns.

Even if you are selling your property without furnishings included, it’s worth making sure all your upholstery looks good to potential buyers!

Maintaining Communal Areas

If you’re the freeholder of an apartment block or a property manager of an apartment block, it’s more than essential that you look at communal areas when it comes to sprucing things up for potential buyers/residents.

The communal hallways/stairs/elevators will be the first thing that anyone taking a look around your property sees, so making sure that it offers good first impressions is important.

If you’re a property manager, it’s likely that you’ve already got cleaners in to regularly keep communal areas clean and tidy. However, what does the paint look like? Is the flooring in good shape and does the lighting work? Are there working fire alarms and safety signs for legalities? These are all things that potential buyers and residents notice, and ultimately affect whether your property is sold, or if it finds a nice new set of tenants.

Making small home improvements is one of the best investments to make in terms of future value and appeal to renters/buyers. By making these simple changes, you’ll have a more attractive property that will sell faster – all without breaking the bank!