All There Is to Know About Asbestos Removal


Not all that long ago, there were building materials that were commonly used in every kind of project. It wasn’t until many years later that it was learned that these materials were actually detrimental to the health of those who lived in said structures.

Asbestos is one of the most notable of those materials. As the years and decades have progressed, we have come to find out the dangers of asbestos. This is why it is so important to have it removed when you recognize asbestos in your home or commercial property.

But there is more to know about asbestos and its removal than “asbestos is bad.” Here is your guide for asbestos removal.

The Dangers of Removing Asbestos Yourself

So, you have noticed asbestos in your home and are looking for the next step. If you come to the decision that the next step is to remove it yourself, stop right there. You should not, under any circumstances, be removing asbestos yourself.

The primary reason is that exposure to asbestos is dangerous. It is a carcinogenic material, one of the most well-known out there. It is linked to several notable health diseases including mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis, and a wide array of respiratory diseases.

Trying to remove it without the proper equipment, protection, and level of precision required can have major detrimental impacts. It can mean coming into contact with it, whether that be yourself or someone in your family.

Children in particular have shown to be the most vulnerable to exposure if they are not properly shielded. The last thing that you want is to think that you are doing something positive only for it to have drastically negative results.

There is also the risk of potentially incomplete cleanup. Even if you have the proper equipment and take the proper precautions, there is always the chance of leaving some behind. Asbestos is mostly found in older buildings and it can be found in a lot of other materials.

Overlooking it as a DIY asbestos remover means that it could remain in the home even after you think it is gone. There is a huge array of older construction materials that have had some level of asbestos in them. That includes popcorn ceilings, cement and drywall sheets, putties and plasters, plumbing fixtures, electrical switchboard panels, siding and roof shingles, vinyl floor tiles, fireplace and thermal boiler insulations, and so much more.

The simple fact of the matter is that, even if you think you got it all, there’s a very good chance that you didn’t. Professionals have the tools and equipment needed to not only safely remove the asbestos, but ensure that all of it has been removed.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional

If you have discovered asbestos in your home and are scoffing at the price of professional removal, think again. While it may cost a bit for residential asbestos removal, that is nothing compared to the cost of not having the asbestos removed.

If you think that you may be able to live with asbestos in your home, think again. There is absolutely no level of safe exposure when it comes to asbestos. There are other issues at play as well that you may not be considering.

For starters, asbestos can mix with other materials. It is all too easy for it to get mixed into asphalt or concrete, which can add to further complications. Having a professional come out to test for asbestos means complete detection and complete removal.

There are also the legal obligations. If there are plans to remodel or demolish a multi-residential building, for instance, an asbestos inspection is required by the EPA. Not being able to pass this test means not being able to move forward with those plans. By having a professional asbestos removal company come out, you can ensure that your property meets all required guidelines before moving forward with demolition or renovation.

The simplest reason for hiring a professional is that they will get the job done safely and the right way. You will never have a moment’s doubt as to whether all of the asbestos has been removed. It is the peace of mind that you and your family deserve when it comes to the handling and disposal of a dangerous material.

Don’t leave any doubts or questions. Ensure that your home or commercial building is safe and free from asbestos contamination. It all starts with a call to the right professional service.

When Your Home May Be at Risk of Asbestos

Although having a professional come in to perform an inspection is the only surefire way to find out whether you have asbestos in your home, there are a couple of telltale indicators. This doesn’t mean that you have asbestos 100%, but you are far more likely to in these instances.

Corrugated roofing is a good sign that you may have an asbestos infestation. If you have walls or other areas of your home that have been constructed from cement sheets, there is a high chance of asbestos contamination. These were the precursor to plaster and drywall, making them far less common but at a far higher risk.

If you have an older, cement water tank, the odds are quite good as well. These are also extremely rare given the cost effectiveness and relative ease of installation that newer water heaters have. This is probably the least likely to be found in most homes these days.

Finally, if you notice that you have millboard or vinyl flooring that has been installed anywhere between 1952 and 1982, there is a greater chance of potential asbestos contamination. Don’t pull any of the flooring back yourself; the last thing that you want to do is take a concentrated case of asbestos contamination and spread it or come into direct contact.

Although this isn’t foolproof in determining whether or not you have an asbestos contamination, it is a pretty good background guide. If anything, it will help whatever professional you go with in determining where the asbestos might be and where to test more stringently.

Tips for Hiring a Removal Specialist

If you find yourself in a position where there may be asbestos in your home, then it is time to act fast. There are professionals who can help get the situation cleared up so that you and your family can live with peace of mind.

But with a number of different specialists out there, it becomes about finding the right professional service to help you along the way. There are certain things that you should be looking for when it comes to choosing a professional asbestos removal company.

The first is to look at their specialties. Not every abatement company is the same; some have certain specializations. For one, there may be some that specialize solely in asbestos abatement. Others might offer demolition services, others still that offer environmental services, and others still that offer contracting services that all include abatement.

Make sure that you know exactly what you are getting and what kind of asbestos services that you are getting. You can even ask for a free inspection before the remediation process if you aren’t quite sure yourself as to what you need.

Whoever you end up choosing, they should be able to follow the stringent asbestos abatement regulations. Following these laws is imperative and they should have some sort of licensing or certification to prove that they follow these regulations. Using a less-than-reputable company comes with a lot of strings attached, and it is the last thing that anyone needs to deal with.

Make sure that you get at least three different quotes as well. There are going to be more than a few asbestos abatement companies within your area and you want to have a good understanding as to what they do and how much it will cost.

Going with the first company that you find can be costly, literally and figuratively. By getting quotes, you get a better idea of what each company can do. The cost should be around the same for each of them, but you can at least have a better idea of what to expect.

Finally, make sure that you verify their claims and qualifications. Make sure that they can prove their certifications so that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that the problem is being dealt with in the proper manner.

The Final Word

There should be no corners cut when it comes to asbestos detection and removal. Having a professional there the whole time should be your goal because of the potential for exposure. Make sure that you take the proper precautions as exposure could lead to serious illness.

With the help of a professional abatement company, you should be able to rest easy knowing that the asbestos problem has been dealt with. It is the peace of mind that can only be provided when using the right abatement company.