A Modern-day Garden of Eden


Did you know that the Garden of Eden didn’t have artificial grass? Of course you did. There was no need for it then, but that’s a whole discussion for another day. Right now though, the good people at supplied & fitted by It’s artificial grass want you to have the very best shot at your own Garden of Eden with lawn supplied and fitted by It’s artificial grass.

Unlike Adam & Eve you don’t risk the chance of being banished from your garden because of poor choices and deceitful snakes. In fact, if you have talking snakes approach you with lies, in this day and age – then garden banishment is going to be the least of your worries!

But it wasn’t like that from the start for mankind’s first gardener and his wife. The facts we know about the garden of Eden was that it was packed with “every tree that is pleasant to the sight and good for food”, and a river flowed out of it, and watered it.

You can have the same, if you have the space, access to a solid water source and some mad gardenscaping skills to make a whole watering river run through it. But that seems a bit labour intensive, and a tad much to ask.

You know what’s not too much to ask? Hassle-free, maintenance-free, always shiny, green and new artificial grass. Did Adam & Eve have that?! I think not!

Artificial grass: better than the real deal?

You might be thinking that artificial grass sounds too good to be true. I mean, let’s be real – does anyone like a knock-off? No. But artificial grass isn’t a knock-off. If anything, it’s grass without the downsides of grass.

The upsides of artificial grass are way more practical and exciting than you may think!

1. It looks like and feels like real grass. The only thing you’re going to be “missing out on” is the smell of freshly-mown grass in the summer, but relax.

If you live in the burbs, and next to the Joneses (who haven’t caught on to the magic of artificial grass) – then you are guaranteed a pleasant afternoon of warm summery bliss, the buzz of life in the air, cool drink in hand, and the sweating, heaving Mr. Jones as he wrestles his lawnmower to do his bidding.

While you smugly enjoy the lovely smell of mowed grass, on your immaculate, maintenance-free lawn.

2. The Garden of Eden didn’t need pesticides and neither will you. Artificial grass doesn’t give bugs the things they need to live and breed, and destroy your lawn and the other plants in your precious garden. So, you’ll be doing yourself and your plants a favour, not having to sprinkle poison everywhere to keep the riff-raff out.

While we’re on the list of chemicals you won’t need anymore, here’s the rest you can do away with:

  • Allergy meds. Grass allergies are common as dirt. Literally, who doesn’t have one? Not you and your family anymore. When you install your artificial grass lawn.
  • Bug spray. Inasmuch as your artificial grass lawn has anything to do with it, mosquitoes will snub your garden, because your lawn prevents water from pooling. No place for mozzies to breed. What a loss. Not.
  • That’s a bit of a no-brainer. Your artificial grass remains green and unfading all year long. No, wait, up to 20 years long! That’s no flattening, no fading for up to 20 years! It’s madness, but good madness!
  • Your artificial grass is usually laid directly on top of the existing soil. The good professionals at It’s Artificial have a unique system to stop weeds from growing. It’s called a weed membrane, and the artificial grass is laid on top of that. Weeds can’t grow. Problem solved.
  • Flea meds for your pets. Didn’t think of that, did you? Well, the fact is that fleas can’t nest, breed, and feed in your artificial grass. Happy pets, happy wife, happy life.
  • Grass stain removers for your laundry. Artificial grass doesn’t stain. Again with the happy wife and happy life. No guarantee on grass burns though. How real does that get?

3. The Garden of Eden didn’t need a lawnmower or edger, and you got it – neither will you. Here’s why:

  • Artificial grass is manufactured to be the same length, giving it the permanent appearance of a beautifully manicured, mowed lawn. Forever. If you’re feeling generous you can even give your lawnmower to poor old Mr. Jones.
  • Artificial grass does not need to be edged. Not only are the pieces cut to fit into each other perfectly, but they’re also cut to perfectly fit the designated areas of your garden, no matter the shape or size. Also, your artificial grass is not going to be getting ahead of itself and try to grow into the flowerbeds, messing up that pristine crisp edge look you’re going for.

4. Okay, so the Garden of Eden had a river for watering and irrigation, but you don’t need a specific irrigation system. Well, not for the purpose of keeping your artificial grass alive. Please do install an irrigation system to water the rest of your living garden.

If you have the resources and the space though, a small stream or pond might actually be just the thing your garden needs to transform it to Eden-like standards of beauty and tranquility. And remember, your artificial grass can be cut to align perfectly with the edges of whatever feature you want to install.

Your very own Garden of Eden

The truth is that as far as perfect grass plays a role in the establishment of your Garden of Eden, it is possible for you to have your very own beautiful, realistic, low-maintenance, private outdoor treasure, free of lies and bad choices (if you know what I mean).