Stucco Cracks: When Should I Worry

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Wall and ceiling contractors know how subtle the cracks inherent in a stucco system are. Since most fine cracks are not detrimental to the grout system, the decision to repair should not be taken lightly.

Getting To Cracks Early

It would be wise to fill cracks with grout as soon as it hardens, which can happen within a week of stuccoing. Properly applied stucco can last up to 50 years before any repairs are needed. This minimizes cracking and means the stucco can easily last up to 50 years before repairs are required. So when your home goes through these little changes, the grout on the outside can start to crack.

This can signal that your home is about to undergo structural changes, with the foundation settling more heavily on one side than the other, as this can cause enough stress to push the grout to crack. When this happens, the building may lose some of its structural strength, and cracks will appear in the stucco. When a crack passes through all layers of a stuccoed wall, the likelihood of water getting into the wall cavity and causing damage to the frame and getting on interior finishing materials, such as drywall, increases; in addition, mold and fungi can develop.

Large 1/16 inch cracks may indicate structural problems that need to be addressed before the grout is repaired. Treat small cracks when you see them, so they don’t crack further or cause you more trouble. They are hard to fix if you don’t get them in time, so the sooner you fix the cracks, the better.

Cracks in stucco are not uncommon, and most of them are not a structural problem. However, if the crack is related to a structural problem, it can be very expensive to repair, and the home may be severely damaged. Anyone with stuccoed walls will tell you that cracking is a way of life. Most fine cracks in stucco are caused by innocuous factors that do not pose a threat to your foundation or the structural integrity of your home.

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The Danger Of Leaving Cracks Alone

Also, if microcracks can worsen and expand, moisture can seep in and through the stucco, causing further damage. If the mortar is cracked, water can seep into it and cause mold and moisture problems. Grout is a cement-based coating that can easily crack, sink , and allow water to seep through. If grout cracks in a cinder block house, water can seep through those cracks, and the unfinished concrete soaks up water just like a driveway or sidewalk.

In the case of a timber frame house, water can get into the cracks and cause rust on the metal sheeting, and when the metal rusts, it expands so that the stucco will be peeled off the house. Not to mention the constant water ingress through cracks in the stucco, which can break through the base and cause rot in a timber frame house. Another common cause of cracks in a new home, especially in the first few weeks or months, is that the grout shrinks slightly during the curing or hardening process as moisture leaves the grout. stucco is still a concrete product, which means that sooner or later, it will crack.

Cement stucco is a relatively thin and brittle shell on stud work and can crack if stresses greater than the strength of the gypsum membrane are transferred. But, like any other building material, including Portland cement, stucco is prone to cracking. If the crack in the stucco is small at the bottom and grows steadily as you move up the wall, this may indicate that the foundation or slab of the house has likely had some form of movement. If one is broken. It often looks like a grid of horizontal and vertical lines on stucco.

If you are careful and keep an eye on the stucco, you can prevent serious problems from occurring. For homeowners, the best way to avert stucco cracks is to make sure they maintain their home properly by moving greenery away from home, painting the house when needed, and repairing micro-cracks. So when these small changes take place in your home, cracks will start to appear in the exterior mortar. For the best chance at keeping your stucco in good repair Golden Trowel Stucco has you covered with the experience and skill to keep your home golden.